Direct Energy Conversion II
Date: Thursday, June 16, 2005 @ 21:35:39 GMT
Topic: Devices

Past posting provided a simple overview of what needs to be done to excess the “ZPE”.

At present, no one has come forward with a working device which clearly indicates energy coming from some unknown source, namely the ZPE. There must be 1000’s of researchers and hobbies alike working on this problem independently.

The human race is at the same stage as the Wright brothers when every one knew it was impossible to fly. The Wright brothers pushed aside any miss giving’s and solved one technical problem at a time and solved the problem of flight in what seemed overnight! Since this time, every thing has become more technical, as well as costly to do basic research. For the most part, the low hanging fruit has already been picked leaving us with very difficult problems to solve.

As for converting ZPE here on planet Earth, this may turn out to be impossible or at least very restrictive. But, in space this could turn out to be very easy. Why is this so? For one thing past researchers and physics’ have set the ground rules for planet Earth, as well as the universe. Their case is strong but some things are still in a state of flux. Some times people over look the obvious.

Just outside the protective atmosphere of Earth lies a vast void of empty space which is very cold (2.7 degrees K). The law of increasing entropy states that ordered systems tend to disorder while disordered systems tend to stay that way. Therefore empty space could be considered ordered since the temperature is so stable over vast areas. Why is this the case? Maybe this is directly due to the low energy state of the ZPE? In effect we are looking at ZPE and don’t know it!

Equilibrium of heat or uniform temperature is the natural state of nature. So converting electrical energy in space using the latent heat of vaporization of LN2 only increases the entropy of space. You are simply moving one form of energy into a new state for human use. A system of this type could have an efficiency of 95.5% based on the latent heat of vaporization of LN2 which is 67 degrees K with a background temperature of 2.75 K.
Thermodynamics is valid since we are working at two different temperatures. Heat is moving from hot to cold. The energy used to perform this task is ZPE.

Man has never made a machine that converts electrical energy out of cold space. The common believe is that ZPE is all around us. What if ZPE is only found in space and not down here on Earth. This would be just fine, since an unlimited amount of useable energy would be the driving force to reach out into space and colonize it. With unlimited energy life is easy.

Suppose you have a black box in space that produces vast amounts of electrical power. This black box doesn’t have any moving parts and only converts one form of energy into a different form. This black box has typical power losses and generates power losses in the form of heat due to I2R resistance losses.
While producing electrical power the device must be submerged in liquid nitrogen at 1 atmosphere. Heat generated, evaporates the LN2 which is sent to a space radiator shielded from direct sun light whose temperature is fixed at 2.7 degrees K.

Heat is dissipated into space and the gas vapors of nitrogen is converted back to liquid at no energy cost to the system. The LN2 is pumped back into the system, allowing the black box to continue to produce electrical power. The question is where does this energy come from? Could it come from the ZPE?

We know that cold liquids have a low energy density. This is not a problem since space is infinite. Maybe we should consider ZPE as a low energy source spread out over a vast area. If this is true, then the black box is designed to collect it and concentrate it over a given period of time. Since the black box is a solid state device it doesn’t have the conventional losses due to mechanical assemblies and operations. It’s design to work at the atomic scale or make the direct energy conversion every one is looking for.

On the surface of the Earth, the device will always be energy intensive, meaning it will always have a gain of 1.


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