The Quantum Reality of ZPE
Date: Friday, June 17, 2005 @ 21:42:13 GMT
Topic: General

As we move thought time we are blessed with many theories of different realities. These different realities press our human intuition to the limits since they are outside of our known reality. It’s like looking for the switch in a dark room. There are many trail’s, but how do you find the right one in total darkness?

The following was extracted from the paper back book titled: “Quantum Reality, by Nick Herbert”.

“Heisenberg’s two worlds are bridged by a special interaction which physicists call a “measurement”. During the magic measurement act, one quantum possibility is singled out, abandons its shadowy sisters and surfaces in our ordinary world as an actual event.

Where is the measured data that shows that ZPE is a reality in our world? Investigators of the ZPE concept need data to fully understand the full potential of this new energy source. How can we get our hands on real measured data? Who has this data?


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