Viable carbon free energy
Date: Wednesday, July 06, 2005 @ 20:46:44 GMT
Topic: General

...The US emphasis on technology in fighting climate change has received backing from an unexpected quarter in London. While reiterating support for a carbon tax, which is anathema to Washington, the committee on economic affairs of the House of Lords said the world's most industrialised nations should tackle climate change by investing up to $400bn on developing new energy sources, equivalent to what the US spent on the Apollo moon landings.

"While the Kyoto protocol should, in principle, encourage technological change, we are not convinced that it has sufficient focus on this central issue," said the committee of the upper chamber of the British parliament.

"We argue that the present 'more of the same' approach, relying exclusively on targets for emissions reductions, may not tackle the global warming threat."

The report cites estimates from the International Energy Agency that $400bn expenditure would be needed if carbon-free energy was to become economically viable through alternative energy sources such as solar photovoltaics, biomass and carbon sequestration.


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