U.S. Research firm unveils global climate index
Date: Sunday, July 10, 2005 @ 23:00:06 GMT
Topic: Investors

Boston-based KLD Research & Analytics Inc. launched a Global Climate 100 index yesterday in response to increasing demand for investment strategies focused on solutions to climate change.

"The Global Climate 100 includes companies making meaningful contributions to the commercialization of renewable energies ... and innovations or applications of new technologies that help reduce emissions of greenhouse gases," said Peter D. Kinder, KLD founder and president. "Renewable and efficient technologies are growing their market share, and the Global Climate 100 will be the benchmark for investors who seek both returns and global sustainability."

It is well-suited to pension funds, said Thomas Kuh, managing director of KLD indexes. "[They] are concerned about the financial risks associated with climate change. As fiduciaries with a long time horizon, they are looking for new strategies to integrate these factors," he said.

The index includes a diverse group of companies, with equal representation given to three categories: renewable energy, future fuels, and clean technology and efficiency. Of the holdings, 46% are from the United States, 26% from Europe, 20% from Asia-Pacific and 8% from Canada.

Large-cap participants include Toyota Motor Corp., which has a 64% share of the hybrid car market. The index also tracks small-cap companies in niche markets. These include, Xantrex Technology Inc. (XTX/TSX), a Vancouver-based developer of power conversion products, and Hydrogenics Crop. (HYG/TSX), which develops hydrogen fuel techologies.

Holdings are given an equal weighting of 1% to prevent the large-cap firms from influencing the overall performance. KLD will rebalance the index quarterly.

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