Complex Field Mass Fluctuation Technologies; Vortex Gravity Control
Date: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 @ 20:00:21 GMT
Topic: Science

Bill Alek writes: Hello all,

I just uploaded my latest release 3.3 of GMF paper (book). Who said FREE ENERGY and Antigravity isn't so! Balderdash!

The "plain truth" begins on page 105. How I arrived at the "plain truth" begins on page 48.

"Complex Field Mass Fluctuation Technologies" is the title. What makes it so is that the electron is simply a "complex" particle - PAM Dirac. It reacts to both real and imaginary fields. A Tunnel Diode, for example, has a complex field component at the semiconductor junction. As I said before, NEGATIVE RESISTANCE is a myth, however, electrons reacting to complex fields gives the "illusion" of NEGATIVE RESISTANCE.

Forget about A-field "nonsense". The AB Effect is nothing more than complex magnetic and electric fields! Canceling a REAL magnetic field causes an IMAGINARY magnetic field to emerge. Again, electrons being "complex" particles react to imaginary fields as well.

So how does "antigravity" fit into all this? A decrease in mass of a spinning electron is moving into the complex plane. This, in turn, couples to gravity as a negative displacement - antigravity, naturally!

I'm still working on the Relativity of Orbital Spin. So, ignore that for now.

Stay tuned, there's more to come...


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A paper has been published on vortex gravity control. It can be found at:
Read it and you might find it interesting.

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