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Date: Friday, July 15, 2005 @ 22:47:36 GMT
Topic: Science

Dr. Douglass A. White writes: Hi Vlad,

Recently a couple of new little articles came along in the process of reviewing some Observer Physics materials. I have posted them on the site. You will note also that I finally posted the whole of the Observer Physics papers up on the site. That way everybody can look at them and hopefully bring flaws to my attention so the material can be improved.

Also I think it is imperative these days to share as much information with good minds as possible to move things forward. The oil guys are really starting to put on the screws. Places like Taiwan that have no energy resources are really hit by this. 3rd world countries are barred from making economic progress. Plus the environment is not doing any too well either. So I plow on ahead with whatever I can contribute.

In the latest article (Phase Conjugation Feynman Diagrams) I outline two creative approaches to virtually unlimited tapping clean energy based on refined models I have developed of the proton. These ideas can be juxtaposed with the article on positron generation, as one of the approaches is basically along the same lines but may include some helpful new insights for the experimental guys.

Hope all is well with you and yours.


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