Aether and Symmetry Braking
Date: Monday, July 18, 2005 @ 20:45:41 GMT
Topic: Science

From the KeelyNet 2005 (News) : 07/18/05 - Aether and Symmetry Braking

What exactly is this underlying symmetry of nature that is broken by the aether? How is it broken, and how might it be restored? The symmetry in question is called chiral symmetry, and it involves the behavior of quarks, the principal constituents of the protons and neutrons in atomic nuclei (among other things).

Quarks also, like the more familiar photons, have an intrinsic spin. If the spin axis is aligned with the direction of motion, then the sense of the rotation defines a handedness, known as chirality, rather like a left- or right-handed screw...

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