NASA's original magnetic astronaut boots
Date: Monday, August 22, 2005 @ 20:55:35 GMT
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Anthony Craddock writes: Try finding the original magnetic astronauts boots that were developed by NASA. The original boots were excellent. For the acceptance tests, an engineer clad as an astronaut walked across the bottom of a steel beam in a high bay research area, upside down against the pull of Earth's gravity. He stepped as he walked, putting his foot "down" and then picking it "up".

There is no problem in finding magnets strong enough to hold the astronaut firmly in such an upside position. The problem with simple magnetic boots using such strong magnets is that, once the foot is planted, unless he is King Kong himself, the astronaut cannot pick up the foot again.

However, the Radus boots completely solved that problem. If the permanent magnet fields are switched off for that foot that the astronaut wishes to lift, he can lift it easily and take another step. Then if the fields are switched on again as he places his foot down, this switching of the fields allows him to walk in a manner resembling normal walking, though a little slower.

To do that switching by normal "battery and coils" would be prohibitively bulky and heavy and awkward to say the least.

With the Radus boots, the astronaut could pick up his foot by simply switching off the permanent magnetic fields easily. They switched on again when he placed the foot down. And he did not have to carry a huge battery around with him, to furnish enormous current to do that.

Well, it doesn't take a genius to see that, when you can switch a permanent magnet's fields easily, and the magnet also has a built-in memory as did the Radus magnets, then with a little ingenuity in switching one could use such switchable magnets to produce a self-switching, self-powered permanent magnet motor. The magnet, being a permanent dipole, is already a particular kind of "free energy generator", since it continuously gates magnetic energy directly from the vacuum due to its asymmetry in the energetic vacuum flux.

From the energy barons' viewpoint, those Radus magnets and Radus boots had to go, and go quickly. And go they did.

So NASA then developed the present "shuffler" kind of magnetic boots where the astronaut can't pull his boot loose from the surface, but must "scoot" his feet along in a sliding and painfully awkward fashion. That way, you see, no one can use the boot magnets which now are just rather ordinary permanent magnets, without memories and without switchable fields to make an overunity device or a self-powering permanent magnet engine.

Tom Bearden

Radus family members have now very kindly provided photos of the original boots, which can be seen at:

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