Don't sign away your invention's soul - help us change the world
Date: Thursday, September 01, 2005 @ 20:11:56 GMT
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Tim Renfro writes: Bill
The "free energy" community needs to be aware of this issue. Deals must not be allowed to kill these great inventions. Inventors are too worried about getting rich and at the end they get nothing and the world is no better off. There is an interesting paradigm I want to be well understood.

If you try too hard to profit
If you are too secretive
If you believe the world will bow to you
If you believe that the hard part is over
If you believe you don't need marketing help
If you believe one contract with one company will make all your dreams come true
You will never succeed!

There must be a fail safe way to keep these inventions available to the rest of the "free energy community" so they can take over if all else fails. Bill has been very open about his technology. Few will be able to imitate his success without his help. His invention requires his expertise. That needs to be protection enough. It has been for many of the great "free energy" inventors.

A contract is not worth the paper it is written on if the the two parties are not inherently honest and out for the good of the other. There are actually some people out there that want to change the world for the better and profit is not the primary motive.

So who do you want to do business with? Someone who is willing to buy your invention for a real product in a real market without asking for an exclusive contract. The market may not be in the USA or in a highly regulated country. Restrictions in the USA and regulated countries may not allow for proper testing and marketing.

If you already have sold your invention rights to a company that will restrict you from your own intellectual property (IP) try to find an effective alternative not covered by the original IP.

We need to work together! Like it or not we have a symbiotic relationship. If you let your ideas fail the world will be a poorer place. Your legacy will either be the one who helped change the world or another of the paranoid inventors who took their inventions to the grave with them.

To paraphrase a famous quote. A man who had great inventions that could change the world died. When asked how many of his inventions he took with him the wise man said ALL of THEM.

We have all seen it too many times. Moray, Sweet, DePalma, Watson and so many others. Someone must break through. Bedini is silent. The Dr. Bearden's MEG has stopped. We must get together to move our collective efforts forward.

If anyone hears me with a real invention, not yet signed away to the dark side, stand up and lets get this going. Gary Voss, Tim Ventura, Steve Elswick and others want to get going.

Don't let your invention die with you!
Your friend

William Alek wrote:

There is this problem in business called "pinhooking" . Do you know what "pinhooking" means:

Now, why is this a problem? Its a FANTASTIC deal for the "pinhooker", but what about the orginal owner or developer of this INCREDIBLE device? The FREE ENERGY business is NO different than the horse business.


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Subject: [intalek] Intro and question

I have been researching AG and working with ZPE for about a year or so
now. My background in electronics has helped my understanding. I could
follow through even the very complex paper posted at the top of the
site, but don't know if I will ever have the patients to use these
formulas or verify them at this point. I did however grasp the general
relationships of a lot of the forces relating to one another. This is
a very good theory and must represent years of work.

Anyway the striking observation I am compelled to remark on.
As to everyone wanting "free" energy, and acknowledging that this
planet is in need of it. No one who actually creates a working model
of a theory seems to want to give it "freely" to the world.
At some point we see the same thing hapening, I got my funding and now
there is a gag order, shortly to lead to a public dissapearance.

I have been reading through the material on the ZPOD and feel it is
quite remarkable. Here is a working unit that finally harnesses the
ZPE consistantly. Free energy is here, except, now it may not be free
or available.

Has anyone else noticed this pattern, who has been around longer then

>From what I have been through thus far I know the quest for ZPE is a
very labor intensive process of learning and expiermenting against the
real world, until theory finally crosses reality and something
happens. But it would seem that we are all willing to share
information until it actually works. Then the sharing is over.
I know funding is not to be taken lightly, but is it really worth it
if the funders can gag the information comming out of the research?

Is there an organization that exists, that has contributers and
funding available, yet with a strong desire to present results on an
opened free flowing platform to the world? Or will this gagging of
whatever really works continue?


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