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Date: Thursday, September 08, 2005 @ 22:15:04 GMT
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Table of contents:
1) English Words Identified on a Triangular Craft - Establishes US ownership of covert aircraft
2) Entropy: The New Order - Einsteinian implicate order emerges from arbitrary power law
3) Gigahertz Signals Restores Youth in Elderly - Dr. Norm Shealy stimulates DHEA with PEMF
4) Oil Given as the Reason for Iraq War - Bush says "protection of the country's vast oil fields"
5) Rising Gas Prices Make Drivers Rethink Lifestyle Choices - Looks at the benefits of hybrids
6) Time-Varying Magnetic Field Affects Neurotransmitter Release - Treats insomnia
7) Soil Found to Release CO2 in Britain - Exactly cancels the UK 13 ton/yr Kyoto reduction
8) Tabletop Fusion - Sonofusion shows "unmistakable signs of hydrogen fusion"

2) Entropy: The new order
New Scientist magazine, 27 August 2005, page 34, issue 2514. www.newscientist.com
Mark Buchanan

CONSTANTINO TSALLIS has a single equation written on the blackboard in his office. It looks like one of the most famous equations in physics, but look more closely and it's a little bit different, decorated with some extra symbols and warped into a peculiar new form.

Tsallis, based at the Brazilian Centre for Research in Physics, Rio de Janeiro, is excited to have created this new equation. And no wonder: his unassuming arrangement of symbols has stimulated hundreds of researchers to publish more than a thousand papers in the past decade, describing strange patterns in fluid flows, in magnetic fields issuing from the sun and in the subatomic debris created in particle accelerators. But there is something even more remarkable about Tsallis's equation: it came to him in a daydream...

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