Anatomy of zero point energy modules
Date: Thursday, September 08, 2005 @ 22:40:38 GMT
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Anatomy of zero point energy modules - the miracle of the Hyperspace – essentials of life and connected consciousness
India Daily Technology Team
Sep. 7, 2005

There is enough ZPE in a volume the size of a coffee cup to boil away Earth’s oceans. Simply put ZPE is the energy left behind in a volume of space after all the matter and radiation has been removed. It is electromagnetic, intense and of course indestructible.

This term Zero Point Energy has been based on the concept that even if matter were cooled down to absolute zero (minus 273oC), in terms of its temperature, this energy still remains. Because it exists in a vacuum, ZPE is homogenous and isotropic as well as ubiquitous.

With the introduction of zero point energy into the classical electron theory, a vacuum at a temperature of absolute zero is no longer considered empty of all electromagnetic fields. Instead, the vacuum is now considered as filled with randomly fluctuating fields having the ZPE spectrum. It is thought that one of the most extraordinary manifestations of ZPE is the random intense fluctuations in energy levels of electrons. Electrons are continuously changing state: energy into matter and back into energy again, as Einstein revealed.

Special characteristics of ZPE are that it has a virtually infinite energy density and that it is ubiquitous (even present in outer space), and these make it very desirable as an energy source.

Andre Sakharov, the Soviet Physicist, argued that we should regard all matter as floating in a sea of energy. Modern physics tells us that the space between the stars and the space between the particles that which make up matter are filled with vast amounts of fluctuating energy: fluctuations that are fundamental to our view of the fabric of nature.

When ZPE are modularized in a connected realm or conceptually segmented in a continuum, we get something called ZPEM (ZPE modules) floating in the abstract mode of consciousness.

This ZPEM is the basis of life, which is part of the whole – the Hyperspace of ZPE energy. Each ZPEM contributes to the whole by elevating the energy levels by cycling through universes in the Hyperspace.

The ZPEMs cannot survive in the underlying flat universe unless they get elevated to much higher level. Once ZPEMs get elevated to a energy status to thrive in the Flat Universe, the ZPEMs stop recycling through Universes. It is a mad rush to make the ZPEMs recycle through universes and elevate their energy levels to make them at par with the requirements of the Chilled of Flat Universe lying under the Hyperspace.


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