Tilley Total Electric Car to be Produced
Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 @ 07:18:49 GMT
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Production model concept of 2005 Tilley Electric Vehicle (TEV)
The Tilley Electric Vehicle (TEV) will be produced and is expected to be on sale to the general public in 2005.

The 5 passenger, front wheel drive, total electric car (not a hybrid), will be a full size four door that is fully loaded. Power windows, heater, automatic transmission, Cassette player, radio, power seats and other items that are found on high grade cars. (See list of standard equipment on TEV)

Based on the original Electric DeLorean conversion first produced by Carl Tilley it will offer a streamline design and no need to recharge after use. Simply drive and it will recharge at any speed over 36 miles per hour.

Top speed is 130 miles per hour and has an extremely fast take off utilizing a new state of the art Tilley modified automatic transmission with the 144 volt DC power system.

The first unit will be produced and unveiled in 2005 and will be available with complete package system.

Unlike most total electric cars the TEV will offer digital heads up display at eye level on the windshield so one can see the driver information available of the instrument panel cluster without looking down.

This heads up display will show speed, amps in and out and turn signal direction. This is vital as in the past electric car owners constantly had to look down to observe gages.

Another invention is the removal of the converter. Most total electric cars have a converter to step down the 144 volts to 12 volts so it could run wipers, lights, stereo and the like. The new device eliminates the converter and keeps the 12 volt part of the system charged as well as running the AC, heater, power brakes, lights and all other 12 volt items found on a car.

Power brakes and power steering are another factor not found on any total electric car. In the past brakes had to use an electric pumping system off the 12 volt battery. The TEV eliminates that necessity with technology that not only keeps the brakes up but offers power steering without draining the battery. Batteries are located in the car frame, away from the inside of the car, on a special support system designed by Carl Tilley.

Private showing to shareholders only September 17, 2005.

Public showing set for December, 2005.

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