Genesis delivering Products??
Date: Monday, September 19, 2005 @ 20:47:58 GMT
Topic: Devices

Genesis is saying that they are now delivering products. Has anyone actually been contacted by them?

They also have a new list of wonder-products coming soon to a store near you.

" Special Product Release Program Within the United States

Genesis Scientific is currently releasing standardized versions of Edison, HICEF, iGas and aWater products to consumers and businesses in selected markets within the continental United States. These systems are part of a multi-year advanced production technologies testing and evaluation program. All product systems being delivered to consumers under this program are provided on a long-term rental basis at nominal cost. Strict conditions apply.

Genesis Scientific is giving qualified consumers that have registered through this website for advance notification of product availability, the first opportunity to participate in this program. Consumers that have already registered for advance notification of product availability do not need to re-register. Consumers that have not previously registered may do so by Clicking Here.
To qualify for this program, consumers must reside within approved selected markets; must have expressed interest in receiving information on a system that meets one of our standardized product configurations; and must agree to strictly comply with all terms and conditions imposed by Genesis Scientific.

Qualifying consumers will be notified by email that they are eligible to participate in the program. Delivery lead-time for these systems is subject to Genesis Scientific's production schedules for various products and configurations. All product maintenance and service is included in the nominal rental charge. Consumers that participate in this program must pay the cost of installation. The cost of of installation shall be "reasonable and competitive" to other similar services available in the marketplace.

This is a multi-year program. Eligible consumers may be notified of their eligibility to participate in this program at any time in the future.

Genesis Scientific plans to announce similar programs in other nations in the future. "

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