Copper wire and Over Unity devices
Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2005 @ 11:37:10 GMT
Topic: Science

The major hurdle that Over-Unity devices confront is that they don't have a proven basis in "accepted physics." Well, the work of the scientists at the Paul Drude Institute for Solid State Electronics (PDI) in Berlin seems to show that copper's conductivity of electricity had no basis in accepted physics... until now.

Though I'm no scientist, I was reading this article and it got me thinking.

The work of the PDI scientists appears to show that there is a cumulative quantum effect as copper atoms are assembled which explains copper's conductivity. This effectively says that previous explanations were not truly grounded in physics. If this research is right, earlier explanations were only (incorrect) theories based on inadequate physics.

Is that not the current state of Over-Unity theory? The only difference is, that there was a logical, but incorrect, explanation of electrical conductivity through copper.

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