Two year old altnerative energy venture seeks accredited investors
Date: Friday, September 30, 2005 @ 22:51:57 GMT
Topic: Investors

American Eco-Energy, LLC (“AEE”) is an energy solutions firm that provides federal, commercial and industrial customers with energy plant replacements that achieve 50% cost savings. In an environment of rising fuel prices (particularly natural gas) and the recent change in boiler emission regulations, the timing is perfect for AEE’s patented pending Waste to Energy System (“WES™”).

WES™ is a small scale gasifier (40 million BTU/hr) that can leverage low cost solid fuels such as scrap tires, biomass and waste water treatment plant sludge. By designing a robust system with state of the art sensor and control technology while keeping the laydown footprint small customers can seamlessly switch from natural gas to the WES synthetic gas for their thermal energy needs. The emissions from a WES powered system are clean and within EPA guidelines including the coming Boiler MACT regulations.

AEE has spent two years and approximately $2.5M USD developing a full scale commercial ready prototype based on requirements gathered from potential customers. The development team includes industry veterans with a minimum of 25 years of experience. The management team consists of Silicon Valley leaders, east-coast energy investment bankers.

The AEE business plan shows a 4X return in distributions and a 16X return including a liquidity event in the next 5 years. The company is seeking $2.5M of which approximately half is already committed and expects to close by October. For more information contact Troy Otillio:

We certainly support AEE and the idea behind it (WES technology). We get quite a few submissions of this nature but we would like to remind our readers/contributors that this site is specialized in more “unconventional” energy research, such as ZP/vacuum/ambient energy tapping (fuel-less) technologies. There are many other good websites where this type of news would be welcomed and fit much better (see the many links we provide). We tank you for your understanding and your help to keep this site focused on its mission.

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