New ZPE Book by Thomas Valone of IRI
Date: Saturday, November 05, 2005 @ 10:02:47 GMT
Topic: Science

There has been discussion on this forum of how nanometer and nanotechnology scale materials and devices enter the level where practical zero point energy can be used and manipulated. Here is an excellent new book by Thomas Valone of the Integrity Research Institute that discusses this exact subject. I suggest you all go and purchase a copy, you can order it from here:

Practical Conversion of Zero-Point Energy (

Or from

Practical Conversion of Zero-Point Energy (Paperback)
by Thomas Valone "Zero-point energy (ZPE) is a universal natural phenomenon of great significance which has evolved from the historical development of ideas about the vacuum..."

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Valone details how many researchers have shown that micro and nano scale devices can be used to interact with the ZPE at those frequencies.

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