The Final Theory
Date: Saturday, November 05, 2005 @ 16:29:50 GMT
Topic: Science

A New Scientific Understanding Has Arrived!

There has long been a serious dissatisfaction with our scientific knowledge and beliefs, both from mainstream scientists and science enthusiasts alike. Our scientists' response is to merely invent often wild, abstract, fanciful theories (warped space-time, quantum mechanics, time- dilation, and now "Dark Matter", "Dark Energy", etc.), while amateur enthusiasts often invent their own "alternate theories" that typically end up in the "crank" or "crackpot" category. Either way, both approaches have left us with quite a scientific mess.

The Final Theory is a new science book that breaks the mold entirely. It does not align itself with today's fanciful science, yet is a best-selling science book based on very sound logic and solid scientific principles. It is the first truly viable answer to all the confusion, mysteries, and head-scratching found in today's science.

See the truth for yourself .. read the free first chapter of The Final Theory and finally begin to understand your world.

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