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Date: Monday, November 21, 2005 @ 21:30:38 GMT

See below. This is a tip, rather than a story. Of course, I wouldn't mind a story.........
Dear Vlad and the folks at ZPEnergy,

Regarding your recent posting of Judith Lewis' LA Weekly article on nuclear power:

You should know there is a techno-thriller novel about the American nuclear power industry, written by a longtime nuclear engineer (me), that is available on the net. Ms. Lewis discusses it (rather enthusiastically) in her LA Weekly blog (under the title "Rad Publishing"). This book provides an entertaining and accurate portrait of the nuclear industry today and how a nuclear accident would be handled. It is called “Rad Decision”, and is at There is no cost to readers.

"I'd like to see RAD DECISION widely read," - Stewart Brand, founder, Whole Earth Catalog.

Rad Decision also contains a nice primer on electric energy supplies in general, and additional comments are provided on the blog regarding issues such as "just how many homes can 1 MW really supply?

I’m not sure myself what our energy future should be. What I am sure of is that we will make better decisions if we understand how we produce energy right now.

If arguments about future energy sources are to move beyond editorial pages and scientific journals, popular works like this one are needed. A substantial segment of the population doesn’t care to delve into the gritty details on energy policy. But they are willing to be entertained.

Now if I could just get some readers.........


James Aach

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