Stationary Field Generators
Date: Sunday, November 27, 2005 @ 22:26:28 GMT
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I have been out here awhile working in the field of radio electronics awaiting the time when folk would get caught up, as well as educated up; in science as well as politics: particularly in the area of technology suppression.

As an inventor of a new energy technology in 1985, I did not then find interest. Nor were there any local folk involved in electronics skilled enough to follow even the basic fundamentals. All I needed then were a few souls able to follow the basics. I could have had them building a device, that studious high school kids could actually build and test with a little reading.

So I wonder now if there are any souls ready to do some reading? Even willing to get a few capacitors and diodes at Radio Shack, to try things out?

As I look around at the explosion of interest in Tesla coils, as well as all of the fine examples of home built coils I have seen and downloaded the graphics of. I think perhaps now the climate is right. It was a book that I read on Tesla's patents in 1984 that I looked at from a seasoned radio tech's view that got me to seeing things differently.

And well, since I had then my own little electrical lab at home (and I still do) I did some after hours investigating. For long hours then. And even for long hours in the years to come. Yet, I did it way back then and when you finally see it, you will wonder how anyone could have passed such a simple thing by? Especially since we need such items as this in this world for its betterment.

This might sound funny but I sent my finalized text in PDF fomat to the electrical engineers around the states, who work for TBN stations. I thought since that I listened allot to our fine shortwave radio stations around the USA, that I would send it to them first? I did send it back a while ago to WBCQ.

I just realized that my browser would not copy this to my Sun text software so I can not edit this. Anyways if I misspell a word or so just over look it.

I was doing this back then as I saw it, for the good of us all and the creation. My experiences since then have perhaps shattered my allusions and I know how the world is really run today and how it has been run since way before Nikola Tesla. Yet, maybe it is the time now. I hope so. So, God Bless us all for the adventure that lies ahead. I do not choose the ham radio techs who failed to further their skills but rather I choose the Tesla Technology community that exist today around the world. I have something for you all that is truly wondrous in terms of technology. Do not forget, it is already here. There are no state of the art technology barriers in manufacturing this once you learn how simple it really is.

Anyways, it is a priviledge to have such a means and a forum of communications. Look up! It will not be much longer now.


* "In A Nut Shell"

Herein, I would say here that my view is a "relativistic" view and that should be enough to spark curiosity. Relativity is merely the observation of things from another vantage of view. Hence things are thus "relative" to that vantage. Thus, from another vantage point we may obtain a three dimensional view or a four dimensional view of the workings of things and thus make a re-application of known text book principles from that new vantage towards a newly realized objective and, not violate any of the laws of physics. Our views are thus divided between two vantages in physics, the classical physics view (Newtonian) and the relativistic view or non classical views

There is much talk of such things as zero point energy and over unity devices. I really can't say much about that since my device does not fall into those categories. I can say this, *I have found a way to use the forces of electricity generated from a stored charge to do work by way of field forces, that work at a distance: to move electrons elsewhere into current flow to do work. And thus, I do not “physically” use the stored energy charge itself, as we conventionally do now in all our current electrical power generation schemes. (Please read this paragraph again carefully if you are not certain of what was just described. Comparing a stored charge to generated charges.)

This means that I do not use the energizing charge as a means of stored electron current flow. I use the forces generated by that energizing charge to move electrons elsewhere into current flow and thus I do not deplete my stored charge as we would in the case of a battery or via a stored capacitor charge that is discharged through an external load. The Chief Technical Advantage here is that "we do not deplete our energy charge" since we do not physically use it. Instead, we use the electrical field forces that the electrons in our stored charge exert, to move electrons elsewhere by means of the principles of like and unlike electrical charges which can pull or attract if they are unlike, or, push or repel if they are like in electrical polarity.

Hence upon close examination this is not something that violates the law of the conservation of energy. It is merely a re-application of known text book principles into an objective scheme of operation. Basically it is very simple in nature to implement and use. And “it should be simple” and not at all complicated.

I hence named the technology a "stationary field generator." I also view this as a type of energy processor. Or a dry charge generator, etc. A kind of electrostatic field force generator. Which is non electromagnetic and non electromechanical. Hence: solid state and direct current in nature.

So the principle is this in a nut shell, I have a stored charge that I use as my energy source such as a charge we have in a battery and exactly like that in reality, however I do not use those electrons in that charge as my current source. Instead, I allow the electrical field forces they perpetually generate to do the work of exerting those fields upon "other electrons" to move them to a point of excess accumulation and then, exit, at a terminal through an external load such as a lamp or radio. Simple.


There are no AC currents involved, it is all DC in nature and all the parts I need are electrolytic capacitors for the stored charge and voltage divider applications and semiconductor diodes to direct my generated up current to the external load. Hence as I said earlier I can show you something perfect. Also, purely simple.

The previous descriptions define the principles behind and leading into the topic that is known as The Proof of the Principle.

Amazingly, this also works at high voltages with vacuum tube diodes as well as diode like voltage regulation vacuum tubes. You can also replace one diode with a triode with signal applied and create a 60 Hz signal voltage scheme.

The energy balance is such that there is allot of energy stored in the energizing charge of which we obtain our electrical field forces from, to do work, and the generated charge is much less in comparison. The energizing charge hence is the source of energy, yet, unlike other generation schemes such as the battery where we use that stored charge as our source of electron current, we do not do so in this scheme; instead we use the field forces that the electrons in the charge are forever generating. Again the Chief Technical Advantage of this technology is: we do not deplete our energy source. There are in reality some losses, and we shall learn to calculate them later herein.

(We store the charge in voltage divider capacitor networks which will give us both a negative ground potential and a positive above ground potential so that we have both types of charges to do work with. Our objective then is to merely use the positive potential forces to attract up a flow of electrons from ground potential to a place in the scheme of excess electron accumulation and deposit, where we have created a negative potential reservoir of charge for exit to a device we wish to power.)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The manipulated up charge is an electron charge taken from the ground buss and not from the power supply that gave us the energizing charge. We must keep the idea of the greater amount “energizing” electron charge and the “manipulated up” charge separate in the view to analyze them in contrast: in order to understand and be able to work with the idea herein. Thus the stored charge and the manipulated up charge are not one and the same in source but separate. The only link between them is the “field forces” of the stored charge that attracts up the manipulated up charge.
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Daniel Jackson
SFG Research Limited

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