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Date: Tuesday, December 06, 2005 @ 22:37:32 GMT
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Anthony Craddock writes: A couple of interesting new letters have been added to the Correspondence Section of the Tom Bearden Website at

And for those of you looking for an interesting Xmas Gift, we have just re mastered a sizzling presentation by Tom about Nikola Tesla, the electrical genius. There are very few people around who REALLY understand what Tesla was doing, and Tom is one of them, as can be seen in the 84 minute DVD "Tom Talks Tesla."

"I really enjoyed Tom's account of Tesla and his work. He's one of the clearest and most engaging speakers on scientific subjects that I've heard. (Don't tell him, but I like him better than Carl Sagan.) I can't claim to understand the quaternion electrodynamics or scalar interferometry, but I'm now intrigued. Please send my best wishes to him." - - quote from a tenured Physics Professor after viewing the DVD.

"Oblivion - America at the Brink" has almost sold out the First Printing, so we are also re-printing this immediately.


Tony Craddock
Web Administrator
The Tom Bearden Website

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