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Leslie Pastor writes to Tom Bearden: "...I believe that it is important to clarify the operation of the MEG so that ALL EE's realize the significant difference between a 'transformer' and the MEG. Obviously, understanding the 'Physics' of the MEG is important, and this needs to be propounded, and expounded to ALL Electrical Engineers worldwide before you can convince ANY of these same of the efficacy of the MEG.

Thus having a PERMANENT demonstrator is absolutely fundamental as verifiable PROOF of the functionality and factuality of the MEG technology."

Leslie R. Pastor

PS: In any event Ken Rauen [Gene Mallove's former lab manager] Source: has stated that: "Through our contacts with Naudin, NEC will try to see the device in action and verify its existance."

Tom Bearden replies: Les,

Yes, we seem to be having lots of trouble with the phones here - ever since my book Oblivion made it off the press. Apparently some of our own "folks" really did not wish such information available. We've also had strange weather; recently I saw five twin giant radials come across Huntsville in one day. Absolutely a record, as far as I know. So the Yakuza's weather engineering over all North America is in full blast, which means longitudinal interferometry - which often means some electrical interference even though they've got the use of the interferometry down perfectly.

I really don't have time to get involved with all this MEG stuff when the real effect - self-induction of the AB effect by the materials and construction themselves - are ignored. We already explained the full operation of the MEG many times, including in our book and in separate papers. Yet none of these folks even discuss the Aharonov-Bohm effect, which is already widely known in physics and thoroughly proven. There are some 20,000 hard physics papers in the literature on the AB effect, its extension by Berry into the Berry phase (simply check out Michael Berry's website in England for gobs of information and downloadable papers on the Berry phase), and its further extension by Aharonov and Anandan into the geometric phase.

A good, common toroidal coil will produce the AB effect, as discussed in Feynman's three volumes of physics, 1964 vintage. There one must himself pay for (input the energy for) the excess magnetic vector potential energy - which, when perturbed, produces excess fields (and their energy) freely in the "external" region outside the torus, even though all normal fields are zero in that region outside the toroid's field-confinement area (the inside of the toroid).

So the only problem with the ansatz of the MEG is that, in order to show that one indeed has achieved the MEG effect, one must prove and show that the nanocrystalline core materials and the arrangement have freely evoked the AB effect by the nature of the materials themselves, thus freely providing those extra fields (and their extra energy) from the perturbed curl-free magnetic vector potential.

In none of all these discussions by folks on the web do I see the participants discussing or even aware of the AB effect and its implications when it is freely evoked by the materials themselves rather than the operator paying for it.

So again for me it's a total waste of time when only EE language and approach is being mentioned or discussed.

Quite frankly, right now I'm not concerned about anybody's overunity devices. I'm concerned about what is coming down on us in the asymmetric warfare threat already in its final Operations Phase for out total destruction. For that reason, I've done everything I can to try to alert the public, the government, and Israel (which has far better sources than I do, obviously, and already knows the threat and what is happening).

The blunt fact is that we are all already dead meat about a year and a half from now, unless the Israelis can once again save our bacon as they've done several times in the past.

With the looming strategic destruction of the entire U.S. (including every man, woman, child, and baby), and with the serious physical debilitation of my wife and I, I really don't give a hoot what the overunity community thinks or does. There are some good folks in it, of course, and they are certainly much appreciated -- but the vast majority are either crowding everything into standard EE (therefore never succeeding at real overunity EFTV systems), or are playing silly games, calling names, etc.

If someone wishes to understand the MEG, let him start by repeating some of the standard Aharonov-Bohm effect experiments with a toroidal coil, until he is familiar with and understands the exact effect achieved in the conventional manner. Then he should do similar experiments with some of the new nanocrystalline cores and constructions available, to see that he can get the AB effect freely and not have to pay for it. Once he has that effect, then let him ponder and investigate the impact of that difference: whether one has to pay for that extra energy oneself (thus reducing performance to COP<1.0), of the materials give it to him for free (thus enabling performance of COP>1.0). If the material gives it to him for free, then that is a broken symmetry and it strongly violates the Lorentz-symmetrized equations of classical electrodynamics and electrical engineering. At that point, the experimenter has passed completely out of EE and is now into some more modern physics that enables asymmetric COP>1.0 EFTV systems. It's that simple, and that's the scientific approach.

So far, I've not seen any such good discussions of such work with the AB effect, discussion of the impact of getting the materials and construction to do it for free, and of the impact in a device that gets the effect freely from a special core material and construction -- as contrasted to paying to get the AB effect from a toroid.

In the absence of such elementary understanding or work, then all the rest is - to put it mildly - fiddling around. Any EE department or physics department worth a hoot can build a MEG-type apparatus anytime it wishes to take the trouble to do it. The difficulty will come when the unit receives a multiplicity of E-field pulses and their energies, in a multiple-phased dense signal environment. To get a successful MEG, one must then get reasonable addition of those multiphased incoming extra E-field pulses. In that case, overunity is assured. If one does not get reasonable phasing and addition, then one just has "noise energy" and does not have a MEG.

Sorry about the phone difficulties. The interference also seems to arise only for selected folks - so it appears to be deliberate interference with selected communications and people.



Eric Krieg's comment: People,

What the MEG info censors won't tell you is that there has been a simple explanation around for years concerning Naudins errors. Just go to:

It is all there - MEG doesn't work, unless you count bad instrumentation.

Take another look at Bearden's evasion: He tries to evade the lack of evidence with a distraction to crazy conspiracy theory about Japanese gangsters modifying the weather with "scaler" weapons. Then Bearden acts like he's too busy to concern himself with the mundance job of bringing free energy out. As if he has more important things to do than save the world from pollution, trade deficits and middle eastern war. Yeah right. There is a long line of free energy gurus who consider themselves above proving their claims. Bearden has been making a buck steering sincere seekers down blind alleys for decades. He had his book "the final secret of free energy" out 10 years ago, and now he is shamelessly plugging more techno drivel in some new book. I hope people on this list don't fall for such excuses.

In the mean time - I applaud Ken for being willing to try to pin this claim down. Comparing input energy to output energy is tricky business. There are many different ways people have gotten it wrong. I personally feel that anyone actually able to make something OU would have far more talent than needed to do the more simple job of feeding back excess output energy to make all needed input energy. But if you ask for that, you can expect to hear a barage of conspiracy theory or "I'll leave that minor job to others" . . . and then comdemn them for failing.

Eric Krieg

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