MPI - 2005 letter from the CEO
Date: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 @ 22:58:24 GMT
Topic: General

Season's G r e e t i n g s !

This has been quite a year for MPI !

On the technical front, we have filed our first patent application.

Entitled Permanent-Magnet Catalyzed Electric Generator, this self-powered Magnetic Power Module™ is expected to provide sufficient energy density in the future to power automobiles, as a replacement for existing engines that require fuel. It also may grow to one megawatt modules for power plants.

Laboratory work in our Northwestern facility is moving forward. It continues to indicate the conversion of 3 phase transformers into self-powered, solid-state, generators, with eventually half of their rated output as transformers, is likely to become the fast-track to commercial production. The goal for a commercial machine remains a pre-production 1 kW solid-state Magnetic Power Module -- ready by the end of 2006.

The Southeastern lab has achieved Proof-of-Concept with a rotary machine -- just prior to being hit by Hurricane Wilma. There was damage to the building, but none to the work, with the exception that the team preparing to visit and independently verify the results has had to delay on-site validation until next month. Utility power was out for some time and internet connections are still not back to normal. The work in this lab seems likely to lead to a practical self-powered Demonstration Device. With adequate funding, we still hope to have a pre-production model ready for manufacture by mid-2006.

Below is a History of Magnetic Power. The irony is that if the work of Wesley Gary (1874-1879), which our computer simulation indicates was valid, had been adequately supported, the world might never have needed oil !

Working capital is still a serious problem. However, several new sources of funding are due to become available during the first quarter of 2006.

May the New Year be a happy and prosperous one for you and your family.

Mark Goldes
Chairman & CEO

Thank you Mark and I hope I speak for all of us here wishing you and everybody at MPI to greatly enjoy the winter holidays and then go back to work and make 2006 the year of MPI, THE year to remember in the human evolution, when the first ZPE/VPF tapping device was born and the world was changed forever. Amin.

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