New Energy Times Issue #14
Date: Monday, January 09, 2006 @ 21:02:20 GMT
Topic: Science

1. From the Editor: Low-Energy Nuclear Transmutations Take Center Stage
2. To the Editor
3. 2006 Cold Fusion Conferences
4. Cold Fusion Short Documentary Video
5. Conference Proceedings

Edmund Storms has created an excellent new document, the title is self-explanatory: “Cold Fusion for Dummies”:

6. An Outsider’s View of Cold Fusion
7. 12th International Conference On Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ICCF12)
8. Dolan ICCF12 Report
9. Chubb ICCF12 Report
10. The Hydraulic-Electrostatic Cold Fusion Method
11. "Unconventional Science," A British Military Presentation
12. Amoco Paper Posted
13. Cold Fusion Papers Published
14. Wikipedia Warriors Defend Cold Fusion
15. Speakers Available - Experts on the Subject of Cold Fusion
16. Contribute
17. Administrative

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Some interesting news from Steve Krivit:

9. Chubb ICCF12 Report

On Dec. 1, Steven Krivit (New Energy Times) gave a talk in which he described observations regarding a new technology that is being developed by several parties in Russia, Korea and in Canada. The process appears to be new and unknown; however, other scientists have suggested it might be related to LENR and to cold fusion.
The basic claim by this group is that it is possible to create excess power from a mechanical cavitation process that forces machine oil through a nozzle into a confined space that directly creates large amounts of electricity through cavitation.
No formal presentations associated with these results had been given before Krivit’s talk at any earlier scientific meeting. To date, researchers involved with this project have not provided data, including measurements of heat or a potential nuclear byproduct; published information about their data or process in the open scientific literature or in patents; presented information about their process at scientific meetings; or even informally distributed information about their process to individuals who have not signed a nondisclosure agreement.

11. "Unconventional Science," A British Military Presentation

A New Energy Times tipster sent us a fascinating slide show titled "Unconventional Science" by R.L. Jones:

The presentation is marked "dstl," which is the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory of the British Ministry of Defence.

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