Rapperswil group on the move
Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2006 @ 22:16:06 GMT

I've been monitoring the website for the RQF/SQR Institute for Space Quantum Research in Rapperswil, Switzerland for several years. Most of the website is in German, but some is in English. It appears that the Rapperswil group is now sufficiently confident in their core energy technology to justify a stock offering on NASDAQ, with an open enrollment from 15 January 2006 until 31 March 2006.

English speaking persons can enter the website at http://www.rqm.ch/content.htm

The focus of the Rapperswil group for the past couple of years appears to have been directed at developing efficient DC-to-AC power conversion electronics for use with alternative energy sources, such as solar energy. They are now apparently ready to apply this expertise to their core patented energy technology, which has something to do with phonon-mitigated direct nuclear-to-electrical energy conversion within a deuterated piezoelectric crystal. To quote from the website:

"The effect of the Deuterium is catalytic, no expenditure, no wear and tear, no pollution as with fuel cells. It will be possible to implement this new development in nanotechnology, such as with microscopic gates, e.g. the space-quantum energy is tapped in the nanorange."

Electrodynacat's predictions that free energy will be nanotechnology based could well be realized in the work being done by the Rapperswil group.

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