Tom Bearden on wireless transmission of energy and Blacklight Power
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Posted by Leslie Pastor to the NEC Forum: Good Morning Tom,

Tom Valone [NEC] makes a very interesting comment regarding the explanation of the wireless transmission of energy.

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Yes, Tom Valone is doing yeoman work in trying to sort it all out, and get at the underlying mechanisms.

I believe, e.g., that a very good case can be shown proving that Tesla was correct, and there are no transverse EM waves in space. Indeed, we already KNOW that there are no transverse FORCE FIELD waves in space; check the Feynman references and Jackson references and quotes I already pointed out, and point out in my paper on the errors and omissions in the CEM/EE Model.

The notion of force field waves in space involved the assumption of the presence of material ether throughout all space, which was falsified in 1887.

The notion that these "falsified" force field waves in space were also transverse waves in space originated well before the discovery of the electron, and of course predated the discovery by Drude of the electron gas.

When in the old days one received (observed) in a wire antenna an incoming wave from space, one did not and does not observe the wave itself. Instead, one observes the movement of the Drude electron gas, as a result of the interaction of that incoming wave with the electrons in the Drude gas.

Well, that's interesting. The Drude electrons are spinning, as we know today, and - if we do not push the analogy too far - the electron in the Drude gas may be interpreted as a gyroscope. We know today that the electrons are strenuously restrained longitudinally down the wire; in an average little circuit, the Drude gas electrons "migrate" longitudinally down the wire very slowly, usually a few centimeters per hour! The signal, however, races down (through space outside the conductor) at almost light speed. Suppose the force-free wave incoming from space interacts with a specific Drude electron, trying to push it longitudinally down the wire. That electron is repelled by all those electrons ahead of it, which is a very powerful blocking force. That "constrains" the spinning axis of the electron, insofar as longitudinal movement of the electron and its axes. Now, laterally in the wire, there are far fewer electrons repelling it. So the Drude electron precesses laterally along the radial cross section of the wire. It thus moves laterally to and fro (by its precession) much more rapidly than its tiny drift movement very slowly down the wire longitudinally.

The result is that in our instruments we do measure and observe these PRECESSION ELECTRON waves, and they are indeed transverse waves.

In the old days before the advent of knowledge of the electrons, they simply thought of the interior of the wire as being permeated by the material ether. And they thought of all surrounding space as also permeated by this universal material ether.

Hence - to them - what was "clearly" happening was that transverse ether waves in space impinged upon the wire antenna, shaking the ether inside it. So since their instruments measured (they thought) a transverse material ether shaking transversely inside the wire, then it mean that a transverse EM material ether wave from outside had entered the wire and our instruments had detected it.

And that was the total basis for the old transverse EM force field wave in space.

Note that a force field wave has matter as one of its components. So the transverse oscillating Drude electrons are indeed part (components) of a true transverse EM material wave inside the wire. That is not at all what is OUTSIDE the wire in matter-free space.

Further, the spin of the Drude electron cinches it. The fact that the longitudinally restrained electrons do precess laterally, and that lateral force field (material) waves are thus detected in the Drude electrons, proves that the incoming perturbation is longitudinal.

Hence Tesla was correct, and electrical engineering today is still wrong (they never changed a single equation to eliminate the old material ether, once that material ether was falsified in 1887).

In a strange sense, Whittaker's decomposition in 1903 and 1904 of the potential and the field respectively, shows that INSIDE THE ENVELOPE of a decomposed EM wave there are bidirectional longitudinal EM waves only!

In a sense, the envelope is involved because of the integration of the absorbing spinning Drude electrons, while it is clearly due to incoming EM longitudinal EM wave flows.

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Subject: Tom Bearden answers Ken Rauen regarding the Blacklight process

While working on the MEG 'simplification' process procedure, I initiated a discussion with Tom Bearden regarding Ken Rauen's explanation of Dr. Randell Lee Mills', Blacklightpower [ ] process. While enjoying Ken Rauen's explanation, we delved deeper and Tom decided to post it to his website.

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On Blacklight Power see also the recent article in The Times ( Quantum leap in physics?

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