Magnetricity NeoGen PM Dynamo
Date: Thursday, January 26, 2006 @ 22:53:24 GMT
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Also from the (Thanks to Patrick Bailey of INE for this headsup. He recommends you save the pages on this site. - JWD) Based on the late Bill Mullers' work with super magnets in a motor/generator design, this site describes Rex Hebert's ongoing research into developing a self-running permanent magnet dynamo.

CONICAL WINDING as described by Peter Lindermann ... at Keelynet Convergence 2001 - A unique zero resistance core design where an increase in the current required by the load results in no resistance to the magnet motion past the coil core, the design for a normal solenoidal coil has the wire wound from top to bottom and as the magnet passes the coil, the resistance to its passage increases as the load current requirements increase (remember the old army hand cranked telephone field generator - the more load you hook to it, the harder it is to turn the handle).

This new design has a core where the winding begins roughly 1/3 to 1/2 down the length of the core and the windings increase in turns as it approaches the bottom of the core, taking the form of a cone with the apex pointing up, This is quite similar to the HomoPolar motor which does not experience any resistance no matter how much current is extracted by the load devices.

PERPETUAL MOTION : The Inevitable Question * How this notion haunts us all ... our primary ridicule from the shortsighted * Let me be absolutely clear on this point, this is NOT, in any way, a Perpetual Motion Device. Thank you. * Perpetual Motion implies eternity. Nothing manmade is eternal. Neither will this device run forever. This is the way of all technology. * Eventually, some component will breakdown or wear physically or fail electrically resulting in enough down time to replace or repair the component. Afterwards, the device may be restarted and run until the next failure. * HOWEVER, the recent availability of affordable Rare-Earth Neodymium Iron Boron permanent magnets brings us closer than ever to achieving such a device. * My main goal is to maximize energy output and RUN time and minimize the DOWN time by minimizing energy losses wherever possible such as heat, wear, friction, drag, vibration, etc. and by choice of materials for extended life. The usefulness of such a device in rural or desolate areas of the world should be obvious to anyone.


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