Future Energy eNews (IRI), Apr. 6, 2006
Date: Thursday, April 06, 2006 @ 20:46:42 GMT
Topic: General

1) Sandia Z-Pinch Reaches 2 Billion Degrees - Vindicates www.focusfusion.org's billion degrees
2) The End of Oil - Probably the most comprehensive article on the last drops of the black stuff
3) Beyond Silicon Solar Cells - CIS and CIGS thin films revolutionize solar www.heliovolt.com/
4) GMC Gets a Suspension from the SEC - A motor and coil is not enough for free energy
5) Gravity Modification Gets a Kick Start - Two physics journal articles detail gravity experiment
6) Solar Powered Hydrogen Production - www.shec-labs.com converts landfill gas to hydrogen

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