Maxwell's Vortex Sea was not Four Dimensional
Date: Thursday, April 13, 2006 @ 07:17:47 GMT
Topic: Science

Dear Sir,

There has been alot of speculation recently that Maxwell was working within a four dimensional aether in order to explain electromagnetism, and that this fact has been deliberately covered up.

Anybody can read Maxwell's 1861 paper 'On Physical Lines of Force'. Unlike Tesla's work, Maxwell's work has not been covered up, although its contents have rather been swept under the carpet. You can read the whole 1861 paper here on this web link:

On a first reading of this paper, one might be forgiven for thinking that Maxwell is trying to explain magnetism using a two dimensional layer of vortex cells. In actual fact, it extends to three dimensions when we pile these layers on top of each other. There is no question of any fourth dimension being involved in Maxwell's thinking.

It is the three dimensional vortex sea itself which has been swept under the carpet, and it should be further noted that although Maxwell mentions the aether in his 1861 paper, he does not use this word in connection with his vortex sea. See this web link:

Yours sincerely

David Tombe

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