Tired of fables and want to see future Technology for a Change?
Date: Monday, April 17, 2006 @ 16:32:59 GMT
Topic: Devices

Everyone should be aware of what happened when the transistor was born, and started replacing vacuum tubes. I hear that some people actually made a little money from that discovery. The world changed through scientific discovery, and now it is poised to change again. If you do not understand why this discovery is not only important, but stunningly real after viewing this updated page - maybe I am not trying hard enough to explain it.

No Magnetic Motors, No perpetual motion, no Hydrogen, no ZPE, no cosmic time warp or antigravity BS to bog you down - just a simple scientific discovery that "will" change your future.

If you don't mind too much - I ask that you forward the webpage around to anyone that might be interested in faster computers or electronics, fuel efficiency and longer lasting products.

It's all patent pending too with new updates to site planned over the next few days.


Chris, this is a new energy site. You said: “I actually have a ZPE device that I can demonstrate now”. Can your pulsed plasma device be used to produce usable power? Just producing synthetic diamonds is good, but please understand, the news is OT for this site. Vlad

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