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Date: Friday, April 21, 2006 @ 17:56:15 GMT
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Magnetic fields are responsible for nearly every megawatt of power generated, worldwide.

Powerhouses contain huge physical dynamos weighing hundreds of tons, requiring consumption, or utilization, of natural resources to turn the giant magnets within them, generating electricity.

Yet within the atoms of those very magnets Nature already provides such dynamo motion. The familiar picture of an atom illustrates a central nucleus, around which electrons, as tiny electric charges, whirl.

Energy from space, the intangible, inexhaustible, natural resource is propelling this motion. Nobel physicist Paul Dirac referred to seemingly empty space as a “sea of energy”, for this reason.

Atoms are the only recognized objects in which the motion of electric charge is sustained by an inexhaustible resource. These tiny electric charges in motion are the fundamental source of all magnetic fields. In most materials, the powerful magnetic fields created by electrons whirling in the atoms mutually annihilate inside the material, leaving no external access to the energy.

However in several classes of materials having unique molecular structures the internal cancellation of this atomic magnetism does not occur, the spin alignments are more organized, yielding a long range measurable effect we can recognize outside the matter, e.g. the field near a magnet.

These liberated forces provide large-scale access to motion sustained by Dirac’s sea of energy. This energy is abundant everywhere in the universe.

The atoms composing such materials emit magnetic fields that automatically rotate, similar to the orbit-like precession of a spinning gyroscope.

This property of atomic physics allows each atom to become a Quantum Dynamo.

The heavy, spinning magnets inside giant powerhouse dynamos act to imitate this action. The organized alignment of the spins can be “frozen” into the material, as in permanent magnets, or controlled by current flow, as in soft ferromagnetic material.

Either way, the Quantum Dynamo produces the resulting magnetic field.

This mechanism is quite capable of doing useful work (e.g. a permanent magnet can lift a mass against gravity). Extracting energy is simple. The problem for those seeking to utilize this energy is finding ways to prevent that energy being clawed back over a complete cycle. Laboratory results indicate there are several methods of harnessing atoms that have become Quantum Dynamos™.

Draft papers, available to potential investors and Strategic Partners signing a NonDisclosure Agreement, examine the storage and flow of magnetic energy in ferromagnetic materials. They show “that within both hard and soft ferromagnetic materials, large quantities of magnetic energy exist, far in excess of any electrical input.

This excess energy is readily deduced from classical theory, but is generally hidden from view (and therefore not generally known to exist). Combinations of permanent magnets, non-linear material and/or mechanical movement can alter the balance between the energy which is accessible and that which is hidden, giving us a method for extracting Nature’s gift.

Reputable scientists examining claimed anomalies in the generation of electric energy, being unaware of the second type of magnetic flow and of the excess inter-atomic magnetic energy, therefore perform incomplete analysis, which often wrongly debunk these claims.”

Magnetic Power Inc. has been actively investigating this science and technology since the firm was founded in 1984.

In recent years, we have assembled a multi-disciplined team made up of scientists, inventors and engineers. Research has mandated a many-faceted approach including modification and refinement of simulation tools, as well as dynamic magnetic analysis. Our development program has included building and analyzing a number of rotating armature and solid-state devices.

We now see commercial products emerging from our prototype program during the last half of next year.

First will be Demonstration Devices. These will provide irrefutable evidence that the Quantum Dynamos can be a practical source for the conversion of an inexhaustible supply of energy. The target time frame for pre-manufacturing prototypes is the Summer of 2006.

By the end of 2006, prototype 1 kW Magnetic Power Modules are expected to be available to the first few potential licensees.

During 2007, one of these modules will replace the need to plug-in, a plug-in hybrid, -- in order to herald the end of dependence on fossil fuels.

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