Tilley ATV Put to the Test
Date: Sunday, December 22, 2002 @ 22:11:00 GMT
Topic: Devices

"A newly developed Tilley Foundation, Inc. "all electric ATV" named the TATV (Tilley All Terrain Vehicle) was put to the test this week...Climbing hills, over rocks and boulders, mud bogging, in and out of woods, in water, up steep grades and real rough creek washout areas. Test were preformed by some 10 different drivers at the Tilley Foundation complex and surrounding areas that are heavily wooded"...

"Please make note that this configuration has an inverter mounted in the back to power lights, coffee maker, microwave, etc. One additional feature to be added will be an electric winch mounted on the front. We recently added a roll bar, additional lighting, undercarriage skid plate.

"Test results were excellent," said Carl Tilley.
The Tilley Foundation and a new up-graded version of a charging device have ventured into the field of ATV's, Golf Carts and Electric Bikes with the charging device that keeps batteries fully charged and has no need to plug it in.
Carl Tilley admits that the speed is far to much at over 35 miles per hour and will gear it down to 15 miles per hour top speed for safety reasons. The TATV has interested people from fish and game law enforcement, Military applications, as well as, hunters and fishermen."

Read the test results at: http://www.tilleyfoundation.com/tatv.htm

Thank you Carl for the heads-up on this announcement. No university benchmark test can beat a real life working device performing its job in a useful product. But your hard times are not over yet until you see electric cars using your device coming out of the assembly lines. I hope you are inspired, have good advisors and wisely choose your next steps. If greed is not your weakness, and honesty is your strength, you can be a hero...(Vlad)

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