NeoGen - An Axial PM Dynamo Project
Date: Wednesday, June 07, 2006 @ 23:26:28 GMT
Topic: Devices

Thanks to Overunity for the updated link (first posted here in Jan 06). A beautiful site ( with awesome illustrations. Congratulations Rex! (The site was designed for MS IE on a broadband connection and may take a while to fully load - Please be Patient...Vlad). Extract:

Like so many of you ...

I have enjoyed electronics for over 3 decades now
but devices just keep failing predictably day in and day out ... BORING!

It was my good fortune to discover an active underground of new ideas and old ideas resurfacing. Mr Townsend-Brown's asymmetrical capacitance high-voltage lifters are particularly interesting devices.
I never in my wildest dreams imagined a capacitor could fly !!! ...

However, before I could begin a lifter project, I discovered information concerning BILL MULLER and his home-built Dynamo. Quite a massive thing it is. So, I chose to work along his line and attempt to contribute to the design development. For several reasons, I've chosen to work at one-half Bill's original scale, however.

I never gleaned any details of exactly how Mr Muller applied drive with his arrangement of 5 drive coil positions. So, I've illustrated some useful firing patterns as you'll find animated below.

I see such pages as these across the net and thought one more couldn't hurt. I admire the work of so many of you and I sincerely encourage you to continue your efforts. The world needs this technology so desperately.

I've tried to include a clear vision of my efforts here for you.
If you find anything here interesting or see a pitfall ahead of me that I don't see feel free to email me and I will reply as my schedule permits.

And, of course, we all owe humble homage to the greatest mind ever to grace our species, the incredible NIKOLA TESLA himself.

For opening our eyes and minds and changing our world and our lives.
Whose very existence has touched every human life on the planet. Lifting us all from ages of darkness and into light. And for endowing me with a deeper personal appreciation for the creative process.

Having emerged just recently into public view ...
I sincerely appreciate the warm welcome I've received from the web community at large and I wish to extend a very special welcome to Carmen Miller. ... I'm honored by your visits.

REX HEBERT ... 04 / 30 / 2005


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