Vers la Flamme Electrique . . .
Date: Saturday, July 01, 2006 @ 16:02:08 GMT
Topic: Devices

Those of you in this marvelous venue who may still be more interested in actual hardware than in theoretical hyperbole might wish to take a look at a memo we just posted to our News page, at, and follow the links provided to the new photos of our proof-of-concept experimental apparatus.

In short, we've finally fired the stator of our stationary-armature EDF Generator prototypic assembly, sucessfully on the first attempt!

As this 'Time of Troubles' unfolds and our oil-driven society begins to disintegrate around us, perhaps at some point the type of electric-discharge/vacuum-energy R&D we're doing will at least be mentioned alongside such wonderfully antiquated yet seriously-pursued "alternative energy technologies" as windpower and biodiesel . . .!
If we're going to talk about 'zero point energy', let's talk about electrons and actual devices or circuits which directly utilize these fundamental perpetuum mobiles to achieve a fuelless over-unity energy solution! Whether they 'run' on ZPE or not almost doesn't matter . . .
In any event, serious and thoughtful comments or questions from visitors regarding the work we're doing now along just those lines would be appreciated (and something of a change of pace) . . .

Also, Chris Arnold may wish to note that there's no "pulsed ignition" going on in these experiments - all steady-state DC, honest!


Mark Tomion
Archer Energy Systems, Inc.

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