Opening doorways to OTHER worlds
Date: Saturday, July 01, 2006 @ 16:13:55 GMT
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William Aleck writes: Hello all,

Another fascinating interview by Tim Ventura:

Mike's technology appears to opening a gateway, a "stargate" perhaps, between this world and the "other" world. Sounds like another take on the Hutchison Effect and the Philadelphia Experiment. The "pounding" on the wall in his lab I would interpret as a "warning", if you will.

Mike will be at this years Tesla Tech show.


William S. Alek, INTALEK, INC.
Exploring Gravitational and Inertial Mass fluctuations,
Radiant Energy, and Temporal Anomalies

Cold-Plasma Beam Experimental Anomalies

: Inventor Mike Windell joins us to talk about a series of cold-plasma beam experiments that he performed with Warren York that led to both time-dilation & materials-effects anomalies similar to the Hutchison Effect. Windell describes these anomalies in detail, providing insight into high-voltage resonant scalar-phenomenon.

Windell describes a number of anomalies that he encountered during experimental testing with Warren York, including a time-displacement effect that led to several hours of missing time, an array of materials-effects including the jellification of a large sample of quartz-crystal and documented molecular changes in Topaz crystals, and a strange occurrence during a power-failure when the cold-plasma beam continued to operate at full-power despite being connected to a blown circuit breaker.

Mike Windell Audio Interview

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