Normalization of Maxwell equations and Zero Point Energy fields
Date: Saturday, July 08, 2006 @ 23:23:47 GMT
Topic: Science

The Maxwell equations for E and B fields in free space are written as:

div E0 E = 0 (1)
div B = 0 (2)
rot B = M0.E0 dE/dt (3)
rot E = -dB/dt. (4)

Written in these forms, the symmetry of E and B is distorted.

A redefinition of B and E could be made as follows:

Let's put E' = E0^1/2.E

B' = B/M0^1/2.

Now (1),(2),(3),(4) are changed to:

div E0^1/2 E' = 0 (1')

div B' = 0 (2')

rot B' = M0^1/2.E0^1/2 dE'/dt (3')

rot E' = -M0^1/2.E0^1/2 dB'/dt. (4')

Now we can see that E' and B' are symmetrical in the new forms of Maxwell equations. Moreover, these equations have solutions of travelling waves that may be suited to describe ZPE fields:

E' = A cos [(w.t + (2.Pi/lambda).x]

B' is derived from E' using (3') and(4')

These travelling waves may explain the queer wave behaviour of Shroedinger equations. The nutty points are how de Broglie wavelength appears in these ZPE fields and how charges and masses convert energy from the ZPE field into mass field and charge field.


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