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1) Second Conference on Future Energy - Breakthoughs Sept. 22-24 in DC area
2) COFE II Speaker Pages - Historic conference features gifted energy scientists
Ed. Note: This is special issue of Future Energy eNews devoted to COFE II.

1) One Clean Energy Innovation Will Be a Global Transformation

Thomas Valone, Integrity Research Institute, http://users.erols.com/iri/cofe.html

Washington DC (July 7, 2006) One of the only two conferences this year on emerging energy will be the Second International Conference on Future Energy (COFE) to be held at the Sheraton College Park in the Washington DC area, September 22-24, 2006. It follows in the footsteps of the controversial First International COFE in 1999, which was too far ahead of its time for Washington DC government agencies. The theme this time is a global transformation that can be anticipated from just one new clean energy innovation that does not use fossil fuel and the transformation of the third world from energy medicine. The future energy areas representing high payback and perhaps high risk investments in emerging energy are field propulsion, fission & fusion, space technologies, energy medicine, tidal, hydrogen, solar power, magnetic motor, zero-point energy.

Some of the inspiring scientists, doctors, and inventors that will be presenting at COFE II are the following:

Boyd Bushman, who worked for Lockheed, Hughes and General Dynamics is one who has made many energy and propulsion breakthroughs in his career (he holds 26 patents). He invented a laser that dissociates air to produce propulsion (US Patent 5,542,247 and 5,680,135) and also has found a way to achieve flight using standing wave acoustics (Patent 5,511,044). Boyd was featured on the two-hour Discovery Channel special, “The Billion Dollar Secret” with journalist, Nick Cook, the author of The Hunt for Zero Point.

Dave Goodwin, a Physical Scientist/Engineer with the U.S. Dept of Energy (DOE) since 1986, mostly in the Offices of High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics, is an expert on the developments in fission and fusion, including the controversial International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). Dave was instrumental in providing government funding for the discovery of the accelerating galactic expansion, now called “dark energy.”

Jim Dunn, CEO of the NASA Center for Technological Commercialization (www.ctc.org) prides himself in being able to find funding for energy inventors, even on a large scale. Jim recently participated in helping with the Tour de Sol car race and many other projects, including hydrogen fuel cell developments. Jim is also the first person to run a plane using a fuel cell.

Lynn Kenny, President of Beam Ray, LLC, holds the largest collection of original equipment and archives once owned by Royal Raymond Rife. He also has received FDA approval for a Rife technology electrotherapy device, utilizing pulsed IR frequencies and will also be presenting his findings at www.rifeconference.com in October, 2006

George Miley, Professor of Nuclear and Electrical Engineering at the University of Illinois and Fusion Studies Lab Director (http://fsl.ne.uiuc.edu) from 1975 to the present, has also been a consultant for Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Livermore, CA • Argonne National Laboratory, Fusion Power Division • Los Alamos National Laboratory • Dept. of Energy, Idaho Operations Office • and Clean Energy Technologies. Recently, George has been researching plasma focus fusion, a new and exciting form of hot fusion and presented the results at STAIF, the Space Technologies Applications Information Forum. Paul Koloc and Eric Lerner will also join a panel discussion with George on the expectations for this energy technology.

John Thomas, author of Antigravity: The Dream Made Reality, a retired engineer from Kodak, is the world’s expert on John R. R. Searl (www.sisrc.com) and the “Searl Effect.” Every time we talk, I learn more significant details about the Searl Effect Generator (SEG), which the Russian inventors, Godin and Roshchin are replicating, as well as the mysterious Inverse Gravity Vehicle (IGV). John is also an expert on Searl’s “Law of the Squares” which comprises a nine-volume set of books explaining the necessary geometry to be followed for control of the IGV (www.searleffect.com). John's talk will be the first public disclosure of his wealth of knowledge of the original experiments and theories of the legendary J.R.R. Searl.

Russ George, founding partner of D2Fusion, Ltd. (www.D2Fusion.com) is a leader in the cutting edge of catalytic energy science (cold fusion). He has developed a broad expertise in related disciplines and believes that solid-state fusion is the future of energy.

Tania Slawecki, Materials Science Research Professor at Pennsylvania State University, has worked at NIST and served as Director of her State’s Center for Sustainability. She specializes in future energy systems including therapeutic electromagnetic devices. She presented at the Whole Person Healing Conference last year here in DC.

Ted Loder, Professor Emeritus of the University of New Hampshire, has been working diligently on the Spiral Magnetic Motor, which is the magnetostatic-type that is designed to capitalize on the “magnetic gradient.” Ted and I are also proposing to present a joint paper on the subject at INTERMAG in Baltimore, January, 2006 www.magnetism.org on this emerging energy technology.

Thorsten Ludwig, President of the German Association for Space Energy (GASE), he resides in Berlin, Germany and is a spokesperson for energy innovations in Europe. Recently completing a PhD, his doctoral thesis was on the Casimir Effect and zero point energy. He has participated in the Casimir Force colloquia overseas and is a very inspiring speaker.

Martin Burger, President and CEO of Blue Energy Canada www.bluenergy.com has been involved in Tidal Power with his vertical-axis Ocean Turbine for years. A 20 MW unit operates in Nova Scotia and Blue Energy recently has developed partnerships, such as with the University of British Columbia, to form the Ocean Renewable Energy Group that will attract new installations.

Glen Gordon, MD, served in the US Navy and was an Assistant Department Head at the National Institute of Health. With a private practice in Sports Medicine, he began investigating soft tissue injuries in humans using nanosecond pulsed electromagnetic field (nPEMF) technology in 1980. Working with Dr. Donald Jaueisen for 20 years, they were awarded the first patent granted on nanosecond PEMF technology. Glen also used his www.EM-Probe.com on himself to successfully reverse a congestive heart condition and eventually bicycle across the country while conducting radio and TV interviews.

Peter Hunt, Former Director of R & A for the first House Subcommittee on Energy and Power, he participated in the development of legislation for NEPA, the Clean Air and Water Act, as well as many other distinctions. Peter is an expert on government mendacity and decades of sidestepping energy solutions, since he lived through the details of government energy solution experiences.

Pal Asija, JD, is a patent lawyer and futurist (www.ourpal.com) who is interested in the role and impact of proprietary information and patenting of emerging energy technologies.

Invited Speakers not yet confirmed include:

Woody Harrelson, actor www.voiceyourself.com, as well as Sergei Godin and Vladimir Roshchin, Fabrizio Pinto, Kurt Van Voorhies, Bart Flick, MD, Bob Lazar, Jean Louis Naudin, Rusi Taleyarkin, John Sullivan, John Lear, and Paul Begany.

COFE II is a two and a half day event with plenary sessions the first full day, a buffet award banquet and keynote speaker, followed by parallel sessions on the second day. Exhibit areas will feature many renewable energy and emerging energy technologies.

2) COFE II Speakers are Future Energy Trend Setters

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