Pentagon and Peak Oil: A Military Literature Review
Date: Thursday, July 13, 2006 @ 21:58:22 GMT
Topic: General

by Sohbet Karbuz

Until the recent oil price hikes and world wide discussions on the future of oil, Peak Oil was nearly absent in military publications. Now, things have changed. This article attempts at providing a US military literature review on Peak Oil and related issues.

...Up to 2002 there has not been (to my knowledge) any publicly available article discussing Peak Oil in military circles. But this has not meant that Pentagon is not aware of Peak Oil. In fact, October 2002 issue of Defense Horizons[2] demonstrated that Pentagon had already been thinking beyond the Peak.

Citing the Quadrennial Defense Review 2001[3] “access to key markets and strategic resources as part of our enduring national interests,” the article claimed “just as we currently demand assured access to sources of hydrocarbons, in the near future we will demand assured access to a broad-based, diverse supply of genes.” Note that with genes the author means plants and animals...

While some people, like the ones in that conference, have been working towards investigating scientific solutions, some others, such as Lieutenant Commander Joey Dodgen, have been thinking of other options. In his award winner paper at the Joint Forces Staff College, called “Imperialism 21: Hedging and Abandoning History[6] he made the following claims:

“As far-fetched as it sounds, the advantages captured through colonial or imperial ventures would be numerous, including, but certainly not limited to, resource control and forward military basing…Economic imperialism is crucial to securing resources, maintaining favorable trade, and calming America’s business market amidst the daily turmoil of global terrorism. Economic imperialism is of no less importance to the United States than military imperialism.”...

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