Zero Point "SInkholes" - and more "pseudo-science"
Date: Sunday, July 23, 2006 @ 15:01:15 GMT
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Theoretically speaking, it seems available energy for our economic energy needs can come two ways from the Zero-point. Using the Zero-point as a direct-energy source, we extract what availiable energy we need for a particular endeavor, and, in process, this highly-ordered energy eventually degrades in terms of entropic orderliness and usability... until finally it becomes ambient heat from which no more availible energy may (according to thermodynamic convention) be extracted. With each process undertaken using direct Zero-point energy as outlined, the average temperature of the environment increases.

In light of our potential global warming situation, perhaps it may benifit humanity if, when the time appears ripe, the scientific community investigated the possibility of using the Zero-point as a near-infinite capacity “heat-sink” as well as a direct-energy source. Using the basic principles of heat engines, if a “heat-sink” capable of absorbing ambient thermal energy into the Zero-point could be devloped, humanity could actually transform the ambient heat of the globe and the universe at large into useable energy. This ambient heat, according to conventional thermodynamic wisdom, has no potential for generating power and, under conditions of Global Warming, might actually be considered a form of pollution.

Although the immense inertia of society may be geared toward amassing physical wealth and temporal power, perhaps the scientific community may overcome its own inertia such that the potentially disruptive power of the Zero-point could appear harnessed in a way that is not only physically and economically safe, but that also at least points toward the spiritual wisdom of restraint - even though our capacity for energy generation may soon “know no forseeable limits.” With the idea that attachment on the level of form seldom holds any real answers, I hope I can be satisfied with a fuzzy openness to whatever may unfold in this regard... however, I do have an agenda as yet, and as far as I'm concerned, it seems pretty disjointed. Ideas have been simmering about Zero-point “Sinkholes” for a while, and in pondering them “aloud,” I guess I can't help but “wax spiritual” on y'all. But before that happens full-throttle, back to more boring “psuedo-science...” ;)

Superconductors as Zero-Point Entropy “Sinkholes”

As a hypothetical sinusoidal electromagnetic plane-wave encounters a superconductive plate, a surface current-density “sheet” (J) appears induced such that the superposition of the impinging magnetic field (B) and the magnetic field associated with the surface current sheet (BJ) interfere deconstructively below the surface of the superconductive medium (i.e. within the medium itself).

Hence, superconductive materials appear said to “reject all incident magnetic fields,” - provided that the incident magnetic field does not appear so large as to “swamp” the superconductivity of the material itself. Additionally, what seems an “uncoupled” oscillating magnetic field with no associated electrical (E) field counterpart propagates upward from the surface current sheet... since the superconductor has no resistance, no build-up of local charge-density occurs in the superconducting surface in this case... and so no electrical field (E) can appear “reflected” at all.

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With a superconductor exposed to “randomized” electromagnetic radiation, the surface currents induced one moment seem very likely to find themselves “canceled-out” by incoming randomized radiation at a later moment in time. Hence, superconductors may exhibit a limited potential to “sink” or cancel-out vast amounts of such “randomized” electromagnetic energy, provided, again, that their superconductivity does not find itself swamped by excessively large impinging electromagnetic energy flows (or the magnetic fields and induced surface currents associated with them).

Radiative thermal energy seems to have just such a “randomized” character, so provided a superconductor has appropriate thermal insulation from the potential for un-intended swamping by the heat of its surround, this latent “heat sinking” capacity might appear manifest, with potential applications in science and industry - specifically with regard to cryogenic cooling, refrigeration and air conditioning... as well as large and small-scale electricity generation via utilization of thermally insulated superconductors as Zero-point “heat sinks” capable of standing in place of the traditional “cold reservoir” in any number of thermodynamic heat-engine types, and thereby transforming the ambient heat (thermodynamic pollution) of the surround into a resource capable of powering an entire economy, without the neccesity of heating up the planet.

Segway into Some “Crazy” Musings

As an advance notice, this essay seems about to get really weird about now.

Enlightenment - a patent violation of “The Conservation of Energy Principle?”

Gauging by my own response to these ideas about the Zero-point, it seems likely that reading this essay thus far may have “pushed some buttons” in many people, as it alludes to a process whereby certain types of energy - the primordial “stuff” of our world - may be effectively “disappeared.” If that which is truly Real is that which is Eternal, then we might construe from this discussion and further investigations that this world of form indeed appears an illusion projected by our ineradicable, jointly-held, yet singular Subjectivity; an impermanent illusion, in Buddhist language, that, with the “Enlightenment of All Beings,” appears bound to dissappear. In the somewhat hard-edged Christ-centered terminology of Gary Renard's first book based on A Course in Miracles, the universe of form appears as a symptom of illness - a projection of illusory guilt that will be undone with the realization of what Jesus calls the Atonement. Undoing this purgatorial world manufactured by the collective ego, according to Renard's book, actually “Disappears the Universe,” whilst revealing our Divinity in God's Presence - Infinite Bliss, Joy, Peace, Happiness.

An even bigger “button-pusher” might appears in the idea that some sort of device could be built which might “disappear” our projected world without our consent and readiness. Looking closer, this idea seems preposterous, as such a hypothetical “machine” must appear as a projection of the Mind itself. Even on the level of science, it seems that such a Zero-point machine could only have a capability for absorbing certain types of electromagnetic radiation. In addition, there appear many more types of subtle energies, thought forms, etc. which manifest outside the realm of “physics-proper - and beyond the reach of scientific physical manipulation.

Perhaps the greater value of discussing the potential ability of humanity through science to “undo” certain limited types of physical energy lies in a symbolic significance. If this world built of energy appears “hellish” at times, and merely mildly purgatorial at others, the scientific Law of Conservation of Energy seems a highly intellectual way of saying “hell appears inescapable.” It seems that, in an intellectual climate predominated by this belief - even at the forefront of scientific exploration - a demonstration that we could have been mistaken in declaring Conservation of Energy an inviolate and fundamental physical Law (a “Law” actually reflective of masked despair) could appear a welcome relief, though one which many may deny until ready to begin embracing humanity as spiritual beings having human experiences.

The Power of Faith

With all the paranoia surrounding the Zero-Point discussion, there appears some trepidation about much further pursuing the implications of this particular discussion without “testing the waters,” so to speak. I usually seem to ramble on far too long, anyway... as my mom used to say, “You're just talking to hear your head roar...” With regard to openly discussing Zero-point energy, some dark fantasies have been entertained about being whisked away by a black sedan and receiving “punishment” for threatening to encroach on socio-economic turf where “hardball” appears the name of the game - not that there isn't a time and a place for some such tactics. When dealing with terrorist threats and the like, global security concerns seem to demand a very “tough-love” approach.

It may seem preposterous to view many covert governmental actions and even certain 'Black-OPs' as excusable or even legitimate interventions in global affairs - and though it seems inevitable that the corrupting force of appearing to have a big-hand to play in governing world affairs offers temptations to which some world leaders, military personnel, and covert operatives fall prey, I have repeatedly observed the power that warm regard and faith in authority figures has to beneficially transform both internal states of mind and, surprisingly, the unfoldment of what previously seemed like “external” events and relationships in a purely objective world.

It seems entirely possible that I have a vastly over-inflated sense of my seeming understanding of superconductivity and Zero-Point issues, and I certainly have posted what now seem some pretty ridiculous ideas on the web... but, oh well... “ seemed like a good idea at the time...”

David M Boie,

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