MPI - A Crystal Ball View of our Initial Product Development Program
Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2006 @ 19:32:28 GMT
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By Mark Goldes, Chairman & CEO

MPI’s pending patent application covers a Solid-State Electric Generator. It can be manufactured in several sizes to suit different applications. Individual units can be connected together for greater electrical output in a manner analogous to solar photovoltaic cells.

Small versions can be developed to power cell phones and other hand held electronic devices. They can also be designed to fit into containers identical in size to conventional AA, C, and D cell batteries. These can be expected to continue to produce power without the need for replacement or recharge.

Larger, more powerful, Modules will be designed to electrically power cars with unlimited range, and with performance matching that of conventional, gasoline or diesel engines, having no need for any type of battery recharge.

Next year, desktop Demonstration Devices will light a few LEDs and spin a small fan. They will serve to prove that these remarkable machines are real.

Later in 2007, in cooperation with licensed manufacturers, larger units are expected to be in production. These will provide 1 kW of useful power. About the size and shape of a microwave oven, the magnetic materials they contain will cause them to weigh somewhat more.

In California, a typical home equipped with solar cells employs less than 4 kW of photovoltaic panels. A package of four Magnetic Power Modules will be able to perform the same function, around the clock, every day of the year. Since rooftop installation is not required, they can be placed in a convenient location.

MPI’s electric generators convert Zero Point Energy, a revolutionary, abundant, renewable, source of power. In magnetic conversion systems, this inexhaustible, fuel-free, energy source is increasingly referred to as Virtual Photon Flux.

Commercial development will proceed as rapidly as resources permit.

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