Flynn Research Website Updated
Date: Thursday, August 17, 2006 @ 20:48:37 GMT
Topic: Devices

Flynn Research has updated their website with lots of new data and news of what they have been up to. Looks like they are ready to start delivering products. They still don't claim over-unity, but certainly talk around it a lot. The description of how the generator works is particularly interesting:

"During 2004 a 2 pole TYPE 2 PPMT [PPMT-T2] generator was prototyped and initial testing began for optimization. Although the TYPE 1 [PPMT-T1] PPMT generator was on the drawing boards first, testing was delayed until new test beds were constructed and mathematical modeling caught up with the preliminary testing empirical data. The innovative and unique electromagnetic design of the PPMT-T1 generator produces unique results. As the PPMT-T1 generator is presented with an increasing electrical load the prime mover sees an increasing mechanical load as seen with conventional generators. When the load equals the energy stored in the generator's magnetic field the load on the prime mover is at its maximum, as would be expected. At this load level the generator was measured at 98% efficient. However as the load is increased beyond this point the current in the generator field coils, in series with the electrical load, begin creating a cooperating 'motor effect' in the direction of rotation. The greater the overload the greater the motor effect. The end result is a generator that has an extended high efficiency range, and it's unique design prevents overloading even in a short circuit fault condition. A generator that does not produce excessive heat losses and does not require excessive cooling [which equates to large prime mover losses] will prove to have a large market demand, the PPMT-T1 generator is that generator! The PPMT-T1 generator, due to the power out curve, is also the perfect solution for Stirling heat cycle engines."

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