Turkish inventors patent Limitless Energy Invention; What will this mean?
Date: Sunday, November 26, 2006 @ 13:30:53 GMT
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From Sabah Newspaper English Edition: Three inventors have come up with a limitless energy providing invention

After the Erke company's declaration that they have produced an engine that does not utilize fuel; three people claimed that the invention belonged to them and put forward the claim that a method of acquiring limitless energy is possible.

The Erke Research and Engineering Company announced that they have produced an engine that works without utilizing fuel at a press conference, which attracted a considerable amount of attention. Then, an electric technician, Hüseyin Kılıç, retired officer Haşim Yiğit, and tradesman Yücel Karakaya called Sabah and claimed that they had invented an engine operating without fuel. Kılıç claimed that limitless energy is possible.

The generals attending the press conference held for the Erke company, claiming they have invented the invention of the age, were very surprised: "we did not attend for support; we were invited."

The Erke company's invention, which has captivated Turkey's recent agenda, still remains to be a mystery. The patent letter Sabah accessed did not provide any further information. The famous names attending the press conference said they did not attend for support; but instead, they were invited.

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Latest from Turkish Daily News: Saturday, November 25, 2006:

We have no relation with or knowledge of Erke':

Milliyet yesterday highlighted a statement from the Office of the Chief of General Staff that denied having any links to a company called Erke, which claims to have invented a perpetual motion device.

The other day Erke had a meeting about the mysterious device, where a group of retired generals announced the invention of a "perpetual motion machine" that supposedly creates unlimited energy without using fuel, oil or any other known energy source.

Retired generals, including İ. Hakkı Karadayı, Muhittin Fisunoğlu, Necati Özgen and Kemal Yavuz, showed up for the promotion of the perpetual motion machine, called "Erke Dönergeci."

A statement from the Office of the Chief of General Staff said, "The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) has no knowledge of the issue nor does it have any relation to the company," following retired Gen. Çetin Uğural's assertion that the TSK was in the know on the project.

Perpetual motion machines are a class of hypothetical machines that can produce useful energy "from nothing." The existence of a perpetual motion machine is generally accepted as being impossible according to the current known laws of physics. In particular, perpetual motion machines would violate either the first or second laws of thermodynamics.

What will this mean?


A colossal campaign has been carried out in the Turkish media over the past few months regarding an undisclosed �cost-free energy product� and its inauguration was supposed to be disclosed to the public during a press meeting at the Swissotel the other day. However, as the saying goes in Turkish, �The mountain gave birth to a mouse� because we learn that nothing was disclosed at this prestigious meeting.

Faced with this hoopla, members of the press indicated to the �presenters� that they had understood nothing of what this cost-free energy product was about. Here was the �genius� response of the producers:

"It is much better for us when you don't understand what this is all about."

Twilight zone-like, isn't it?

Sitting in the front row of this meeting in the luxurious huge ballroom of the five-star Swissotel were retired generals and retired officials from the Turkish justice world. They seemed to be representing the secular section of the Turkish nation, which, I ashamedly admit, worried me. Here is what I said to myself.

"All right, Ayşe. First, the highly religious members of our society were conned out of their hard-earned savings by a company called Yimpaş and other religious holdings. Has the time arrived for the secular members of our public to be fooled?"

Fooled? How so? Because the four members of this Erke Company claim they have devised an engine that requires no energy to operate and that it self-induces its own power to great heights. What does this mean? This means that if the innovation had been unfurled five years ago, there would have been no 9/11, move into Afghanistan or the possibility of a civil war in Iraq. This means that Saudi Arabia would turn into turmoil, as would Russia and other oil-producing nations of the world.

Let me take the matter a little further. This would mean that I would not need to pay any bills for electricity, heating or the running of my car. The cost of living would drop by heaven knows how much, bringing down the value of the dollar and the euro against the rise of the Turkish lira, and the world would be clambering to be on the good side of the Turkish nation, including the acceptance of a two-state solution for Cyprus. This would mean the end of the likes of Shell, Texaco, Total and Esso gas stations, which would mean the end of their drilling for oil, etc.

This would mean the end of poverty for Turkey and the non-oil producing third world nations of the world. This would mean the laying-off of workers of arms producing companies. This would mean more travelers on airplanes and transatlantic boats. This would mean a big boost in marina construction for coastline countries as expense-free yacht travel increases.

This would mean the discovery of new cosmos, new solar systems and possibly human-friendly new planets.

I could go on and on but chose to stop here.

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