Free Energy - Race to Zero Point still in the news - ten years later!
Date: Thursday, December 07, 2006 @ 21:55:45 GMT
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Integrity Research Institute, Thomas Valone writes: Video Documentary on New Energy
Provides Solutions to Energy Crisis

Fred Burks, Lee Buyea Fla News Service, Nov. 25, 2006

An inspiring video on new energy available for free viewing on Google Video is the best documentary available on new energy sources which can powerfully transform our world. The award-winning documentary, Free Energy—The Race to Zero Point, provides a thorough, professional examination of the leading theories and practical inventions that tap into zero point energy—now acknowledged by quantum physicists to exist in all space as a potential source of infinite and accessible electromagnetic energy. Respected engineers and scientists explain in understandable terms how amazing new energy technologies and inventions can go beyond alternative energy to solve the energy crisis on our planet.

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By illuminating the historical contributions of the many visionaries pioneering the new energy field, this engaging documentary will transform the way you think about science and energy. Working models of a variety of engines which—by tapping the zero point field—produce more energy than they consume are both explained and demonstrated by numerous creative inventors. Any one of these inventions could resolve the energy and oil crisis if only given the proper attention and funding, yet certain vested interests stand to lose billions of dollars should they succeed. How far will they go to suppress these breakthrough technologies?

To understand why the amazing inventions discussed in this powerful documentary are receiving little media attention, see This informative two-page overview explains the key reasons why this critical topic receives so little attention, yet has such a tremendous potential to transform our lives and world. By each of us choosing to educate ourselves and to spread the word to our friends and colleagues, we can play a key role in building a brighter future for ourselves and for future generations. Thanks for caring, and you have a great day!

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