Adaptive Energy Saver
Date: Saturday, December 16, 2006 @ 12:07:56 GMT
Topic: Science

via KeelyNet News : 12/14/06 - Adaptive, Self-Optimizing $49.95 Device reduces Power Usage
KeelyNet(A truly Totally Brilliant Invention, the way of the future for devices that will learn and adapt to the load they power for the most efficient, energy saving operation. These should be BUILTIN to all appliances and devices that use motors. - JWD) For fourteen years, Chuck and his partner have quietly been inventing a little micro controller called the "Plug Power Saver." He claims it works on all electric motors from your air conditioner to refrigerators, washing machines to whole house fans. He rigged a one-third horsepower motor to show us the savings. Without the controller, “It's drawing 171 to 180 watts."

Plug in the Power Saver and, “It's trying to find the most optimum levels of power consumption. So it's got to learn about what you are using. Yes it is. It actually has a microprocessor in here." After a few seconds, the motor is running strong but using half the electricity. And if you know anything about electricity, you know this motor running normally should be warm to the touch, it isn’t. That seems to show no extra electricity is being lost as heat. Chuck has a patent pending on his invention, a trade mark on the name and a U.L. approval.

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