Some more or less FE devices demos on youtube
Date: Monday, January 01, 2007 @ 13:01:13 GMT
Topic: Devices

From KeelyNet whatsnew (a compilation of old and new material; lots of other - not energy related - interesting videos selected for you by JWD ... go to KeelyNet for pictures and text):

- Perendev Motor Demo (But it slows down and I suspect stops after a certain amount of runtime. - JWD...)

- Steorn Machine Demo (from Sky News but different than the one in our Special Annuncements link. - Vlad)

- Klein Water Car Demo
- Meyer Water Car Demo
- Xogen Hydrogen Production Promo
- Joe Cell free energy phenomena
- Viktor Schauberger and Wasserfadden Experiment
- Viktor Schauberger Vortices
- Viktor Schauberger Museum and NAZI UFO connections
- Hutchison Effect Demo
- Gray-like Motor on Steroids at 225HP
- Negre & DiPietro Aircar Demos

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