Hovercraft Effect takes care of Zero Point Friction
Date: Thursday, January 25, 2007 @ 07:42:57 GMT
Topic: Science

Critics and skeptics of Zero Point Energy often cite the fact that if such a background medium existed, then it would cause friction and pull the heavenly bodies down from their orbits.

It's very hard to see how a particulate medium could ever be devoid of sliding friction. It is generally believed that the electrostatic force will always exist between the particles.

This of course overlooks the fact that Coulomb's law of electrostatics is only one of four hydrodynamical fundamental forces. If the shear line happened to be such that the particles on both sides of the line were repelling each other with centrifugal repulsion, then the hovercraft principle would be invoked. It is argued in 'Gravity Reversal and Atomic Bonding' that this is exactly what is happening.

It is argued first of all that an electron must be more negatively charged than a positron is positively charged, otherwise there would be no net aether flow between them. The difference in the magnitude of the two charges equals the gravitational charge.

This means that the electron positron dipoles will become polarized in a gravitational field. Since the gravitational field lines between two bodies spread outwards from each other, the solenoidal alignment of the rotating electron positron dipoles will cause the equatorial centrifugal force to create repulsion pressure laterally between the field lines.

Hence mutually orbiting planetary bodies will not encounter any friction as a result of space being densely packed with electrons and positrons.

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