Revolutionary “New” Energy Source Has Been Neglected For Over 125 Years
Date: Friday, February 02, 2007 @ 07:41:23 GMT
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Revolutionary “New” Energy Source Has Been Neglected For Over 125 Years

A major new report on global warming raises fears that the earth's climate is changing faster than anyone thought possible. This week, 500 of the world's top scientists met behind closed doors to finish a landmark report on global warming, and the picture they paint is not pretty. The report says significant changes in the climate could start happening within the next 10 years with the result that the growing level of greenhouse gas emissions could make many parts of the planet uninhabitable.”

A flurry of activity surrounding research into emergency measures like mirrors to reflect the sun’s rays back into space is being billed as too drastic for right now. No one is sure that even such measures will do any good.

Magnetic Power Incorporated (MPI), is one of several small firms working to develop an abundant, renewable, inherently inexpensive, source of energy that has never previously been utilized in practical products, although evidence shows it was probably first tapped by Wesley Gary, a Pennsylvania inventor, in 1874. An article in Harper’s, describing his patented mechanical magnetic devices, was published in March, 1879. The article described the potential as follows:

A few scientists, however, came forward, curious to see, and examined Mr. Gary's models; and when reports went out of the conversion of two or three of the most eminent among them, interest generally was awakened, and professors from Harvard and from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology called, examined, and were impressed…
…And it is not incredible that in 1880 one may be holding a magnetic motor in his pocket, running the watch which requires no winding up, and, seated in a railway car, be whirling across the continent behind a locomotive impelled by the same agency.

Harper's New Monthly Magazine - March 1879 pages 601-605

“The price of ignoring the scientists’ warnings could result in the forced migration of hundreds of millions of people from equatorial regions, and the loss of vast tracts of land under rising seas as the ice caps melt, “ said MPI CEO Mark Goldes, and our technology can make a difference. “None of the conventional renewable power systems, solar, wind, fuel-cells, etc., can meet this challenge, although every carbon-free alternative helps.”

“Nuclear power plants take 10 years to begin operation. Clearly, the idea they can contribute to a solution, within the given timeframe, is an illusion.”

We believe the same source of power Mr. Gary discovered can be harnessed through the use of Magnetic Power Modules that MPI has been designing. The remarkable source of energy they convert is sometimes called the Quantum Vacuum. It is also known as Zero Point Energy, or ZPE. Physicist Richard Feynman, a winner of the Nobel Prize, and John Wheeler, a favorite of Einstein’s, calculated there is sufficient ZPE in the volume of a coffee cup to evaporate Earth’s oceans. Dr. Harold Puthoff has stated that if ZPE powered the entire planet, it would be like dipping a thimble into the sea.

The March 1st, 2004 issue of Aviation Week and Space Technology featured an article headlining the fact that Zero Point Energy is no longer science fiction. The Department of Defense admitted it is supporting ZPE research and development at a major aerospace company. BAE, in the U.K., stated they seek to power Mach 4 fighter aircraft, among several other objectives.

If MPI is successful, Magnetic Power Modules will open a door to a multitude of practical products. Goldes states “they will operate with no need for fuel, or any plug connection to the electric power grid. Portable appliances, for example laptop computers, will dispense with batteries”.

Modules can be connected together in order to produce larger amounts of power, in a manner analogous to solar cells. Preliminary data suggests a 1 kW (1,000) watt package may be about 6” x 6” x 16” in size. These one kilowatt packages can be linked to create generators for homes. Distributed Generation of utility grade power can also rapidly be implemented.

Electric cars, such as the recently announced GM VOLT, can dispense with the need for batteries, engines of any kind, fuel cells, or the need to plug-in. All new cars can be redesigned to run on this revolutionary source of energy.

During WWII, the automobile industry shifted to building aircraft on a round-the-clock basis more rapidly than most would have imagined. Averting a catastrophe due to Global Warming deserves a similar emergency effort.

MPI is one of a number of companies around the world attempting to accelerate their efforts to unlock Wesley Gary’s energy source. Concerned individuals, potential partners and state and national governments, can all help to increase the speed and probability of timely success.

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