D-Wave prepares for a quantum revolution.
Date: Monday, February 05, 2007 @ 07:25:58 GMT
Topic: Science

The Canadian company D-Wave is preparing to display its 16-qubit quantum processor titled "Orion" on Feb. 13. Orion will be the first commercial quantum processor and could usher in many profound changes in energy, information, and material research. By 2010 D-Wave hopes to have a 1000+ qubit processor that is far more capable than any computers in specific applications like quantum chemistry.


Its an exciting time we live in. Many conventional researchers believed that a practical quantum computer was 15-20 years away, but D-Wave has shown that the law of accelerating returns is alive and kicking. Not only will this technology allow for a quadratic increase in research speed, but the energy to perform the calculations will be many orders of magnitude smaller than the best super computer.

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