Video - Control the Energy to Control the People; New Energy Series
Date: Wednesday, February 07, 2007 @ 22:10:11 GMT
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Via KeelyNet WhatsNew: Seven minute - Webisode 38 of Memoirs of a Madman - Free Energy Documentary featuring Bruce DePalma, Stan Deyo, Thomas Brown, Dr. Paramahansa Tewari and Stan Meyer. Shows how oil brings in far more money than drugs, alcohol and smoking combined. Discusses why it is in the government and big business interest to threaten and suppress any working claims of free energy or super efficient devices.

Link: Memoirs of a Madman

Other videos from the The New Energy Series:

Nuclear engineer and scalar energy theorist discusses Tesla, Maxwell, regauging, Poynting flow, back EMF, virtual particle flux of the vacuum, general relativity and other exotic topics in electrodynamics. Not for the technically timid!

Some men talk about saving the planet.
These men are doing something about it.

New Energy Series 1 - Tom Bearden

This unassuming Vancouver inventor demonstrates his gravity-defying high-voltage experimentation, crystal energy coverter batteries, and describes the circumstances surrounding the confiscation of his equipment by the Canadian government. Fascinating footage of metals acting like jelly and levitation effects including a 70-lb. cannonball!

New Energy Series 2 - John Hutchison Part 1
New Energy Series 2 - John Hutchison Part 2

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