Capacitors self charging
Date: Sunday, February 11, 2007 @ 15:24:50 GMT
Topic: Science

From the free_energy yahoo list, Dave Thompson writes: Hi Steven,

> Has anyone noticed that capacitors tend to self charge to a small voltage
> even after being discharged with a resistor for months

Yes, this is normal. When Steven Lamoreaux performed the Casimir effect experiment, the same thing happened to him. He had to apply a reverse bias potential to the capacitor in order to eliminate the "anomalous" potential.

He incorrectly attributed this "anomalous" potential to a thermocouple effect, as though he couldn't design a circuit with one type of material, such as an etched circuit board.

Nikola Tesla also noted the self-charging of capacitors. In fact, it played an important role in his radiant energy patent. In this particular case, however, his patent shows the capacitor leads extended through the Earth's potential gradient. This is rather silly, as the potential gradient would also extend through the wires and no current flow could take place. It would be like sticking a plastic pipe down a well to take advantage of the pressure difference between the bottom and top of the well. The pressure also exists inside the pipe and thus no water passes through it.

However, if you found a way to draw water out of the middle of the water pipe, the surrounding water pressure would fill the void. When you short a capacitor, the potential of the shorting wire is generally less than the potential across the plates, so it lowers the potential across the capacitor.

The real "extra potential" comes from the Casimir effect. Two plates held a distance apart from each other will generate "virtual" photons. Actually, they are real photons generated from the "vacuum." These photons are absorbed by the material in the plate and convert to electrons via the photoelectric effect. Some capacitors will charge to a higher potential than others will, because the geometry of the plates is more conducive to photon generation. Steven Lamoreaux noticed the Casimir effect is magnified when at least one of the plates is a hemisphere.

A strategically designed capacitor and oscillator can cause the conversion of dark matter into visible matter via the Casimir effect and thus lead to a true free energy device. It seems that all the rumored working free energy devices used this mechanics in some form or another. Unfortunately, the engineers mistakenly attempted to redesign the circuit as a normal LC circuit and ended up destroying the balance they needed for generating free energy.

The Aether Physics Model, which I have developed, properly quantifies the Casimir effect and shows it is actually the strong force law for the electron. Understanding the proper geometry of the electron helps to understand how its properties must be harnessed to produce free energy. In short, the electrons must be magnetically aligned at a specific distance apart in order to create the resonance needed to generate "virtual" photons. If you were building a quantum generator, two electrons would have to be magnetically aligned according to their polar axes and one Compton wavelength apart. To build a bigger device simply requires the same proportions at a greater scale.

For a real world example of "virtual" photons being generated from the "vacuum" just look at the corona discharge of a Tesla coil, or the light from electron plasmas. This light generates right before your eyes in the middle of space, which is why it has such an eerie look to it. The key is to control the production of these photons such that they are absorbed and converted to electrons. When a potential difference is created between two capacitor plates, a load can be placed between them. If the electron production continues as a suitable rate, a current is produced, which can do work. Hence, the device produces free energy from the "vacuum."

Don't mind the mindless cynics on this list. If you would like more information and don't want the background noise, email me directly.


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