New selfrunning overunity motor!
Date: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 @ 23:04:18 GMT
Topic: Devices

Stefan Hartmann writes: Hi All,

we now have a selfrunning motor with full documentation!

Check this out:

Regards, Stefan.,1988.0.html

Dipl.Ing. Stefan Hartmann
Keplerstr. 11 B
10589 Berlin, Germany

Here it is ! The first documented selfrunning overunity motor w/o batteries!


user Mike ( HMM) from the gn0sis forum has built a modified Bedini Cole Window motor which he can run without batteries for hours and can charge up empty capacitors !

Here is his video which is really amazing !

This is what we havebeen looking for all the time. It is a classic Lenz law violation !

Here attached is the video of his motor in action.

It is a Windows Media Video WMV File and you need Windows Media Player or Media Player Classic to view it.


Mike has also documented all the things of his motor.

I will post this and all the pics in the next replies !

Regards, Stefan.

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[Mike] This link is very good:
must check it out ...I learned alot from these illustrations, look at the commutator to see the timing ...

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